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The Source is the "source" of all that exists.


The Source is the "source" of all that exists.

Mostly associated with the New Gods, the Source was the supposed origin of the "Godwave" that is believed to have been responsible for creating and empowering the "Gods" with their divine abilities. It also seems to be partially responsible for the ability of certain people to develop super-powers, especially those which defy the laws of physics.

Lying at the edge of the known multiverse is the Source Wall, which protects the Source, and traps all those who attempt to pass beyond it.

Death of the New Gods

Main article: Death of the New Gods

While investigating the death of the New Gods, Metron encountered the Source. The Source revealed it was behind the deaths to build a new "Fifth World." It revealed that the most powerful gods of three pantheons of the Third World--the "Old Gods"--attacked it and caused it to split into separate beings. The other being evolved into the Anti-Life entity. In retribution, the Source destroyed the Old Gods and created the New Gods. However, its diminished stature caused the New Gods to be flawed. The Source seeks to reunite with its other half and start anew. It has apparently manipulated several beings such as Alexander Luthor and Rip Hunter, as it never resided behind the Source Wall, to create the 52 worlds of the Multiverse to ease the reunion.


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