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Space Dolphins are an alien race of creature, whose origins are largely unknown. In appearance and function, they are very similar to bottlenose dolphins from the planet Earth, but these dolphins possess extra dense skin tissue which enables them to survive the rigors of outer space. Space Dolphins are even more intelligent than Earth dolphins and they have developed the means to communicate with one another via telepathy.

Space Dolphins are the beloved pets of the intergalactic bounty hunter, Lobo. For reasons unknown, their presence appears to calm Lobo's otherwise violent nature. In truth, they are the only animals in the universe that Lobo won't actively attempt to kill, eat or copulate with (not necessarily in that order, either).

Some space dolphins have occasionally migrated to Earth and have seeded themselves within the aquatic dolphin community. One of Lobo's space dolphins even befriended the friendly bottlenose, Porm, surrogate mother to the Atlantean hero, Aquaman. [1]

Another space dolphin from Sector 3500 named Fishy served as Lobo's assistant during a time when he had declared himself the Archbishop of the First Celestial Church of the Triple Fish-God. [2]

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None known.

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None known.


Representatives: * Fishy

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