"Housewarming Party": When the Spectre vanishes during a conversation and

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When the Spectre vanishes during a conversation and Madame Xanadu leaves her parlor with two strangers, Jim Corrigan and Kim Liang investigate and follow Xanadu and her friends to an old house in New Jersey. Here, the supernatural defenders of the Earth have called a meeting to decide how best to accomplish their goals in the new world that will result from the Millennium Project. The new Dr. Fate and the Phantom Stranger arrive and exchange views with the Spectre; elsewhere, unknown to them, the members of the Cult of the Blood- Red Moon are planning to disrupt their gathering. The Gentleman Ghost turns up, then Madame Xanadu and Zatanna arrive with Ben Turner and June Moone, secretly the Bronze Tiger and the Enchantress of the Suicide Squad, closely followed by Corrigan and Liang. The detective and his secretary attempt to spy on the meeting, but the house itself appears to come alive and deposits them in the midst of the Spectre and his cohorts. As the magical beings debate the presence of the two mortals, Jim is summoned outside to answer a call on his car-phone, which turns out to be from Baron Winters, who declines to attend the gathering. When Kim tries to prepare food for the guests, she is startled by a seven- headed apparition inhabiting the house, which represents the essences of seven recent murder victims who died there. Deadman puts in an appearance and is entertaining himself by possessing Corrigan's body, when he suddenly realizes that the entire house has been levitated high above the city. The Enchantress begins to rave insanely, and the house pitches toward the streets below. The Cult, through its member Deschanta, is channeling power through the remains of the men and women whose spirits make up the multi-headed apparition, and is using it to control the Enchantress and thus levitate the house. In the cellar, Madame Xanadu leads the Spectre to the hidden bones of the murder victims. Hidden there, he finds the special ring which Ben Turner uses to control the Enchantress, which had earlier disappeared. Turner replaces the ring, the Enchantress returns to normal, and Dr. Fate prevents the house from crashing into a group of gay rights protesters. The Cult's threat over for the moment, the mystic heroes conclude their meeting, having decided that they must continue to perform their duties as before ... at least for the next thousand years, until mankind achieves its supposed immortality.


  • This issue is a "Millennium" Week Eight tie-in issue.


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