"Desecration: Part I": Madame Xanadu prepares for the return of Azmodus.

Quote1 Ah, you appreciate the scent of blood, do you? Then blood shall I give you!! Quote2
-- Azmodus

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Synopsis for "Desecration: Part I"

Madame Xanadu prepares for the return of Azmodus.

Jim Corrigan returns to Amy's old apartment, where he witnesses a murder. The Spectre kills the murderer and then tries to bring him back so that he can be killed again. The devil doesn't allow this, so the Spectre says he'll go to Hell to find the murderer. The angel Michael prevents this. Azmodus appears and says he'll teach the Spectre about despair.

Clarissa Marchebank, who is trapped in the body of her grandmother Clarice (Jim Corrigan's girlfriend from the 1940s), makes a deal with Azmodus to become young and healthy again in exchange for her shadow. In the old body, Clarissa wakes up and accuses Clarice (who is now in Clarissa's body) of shooting her. Detective Nate Kane says he'll investigate it.

The Spectre and Azmodus are fighting above New York City, and Azmodus drowns the city in blood. The Spectre drinks it all up and spews it into outer space. Azmodus then reveals that he is Caraka, the first incarnation of the Spectre, and that this is what happens to all who wear the Spectre's mantle.

Later, Azmodus (in the body of Bill Martindale) thinks to himself: "Through Clarissa Marchebank, I am now tapped into a body that is tapped into your [the Spectre's] power... power I will leech and turn against you. If I can make you despair as I despaired, then perhaps you will take my place and I can go on to... oblivion. Or whatever fate awaits me."

Azmodus then fights Madame Xanadu and takes back the "sendings" that she formed with the Spectre's power. Azmodus turns the "sendings" against Madame Xanadu for the rest of her unending life.

In the Marchebank apartment, the police find the gun that Clarissa used to shoot Clarice, which means Clarissa (who is actually Clarice) will be sent to jail. Nate Kane thinks the case is suspicious, and he suspects that the Spectre is somehow involved. He then learns that there has been a grave robbery, someone has taken Amy Beitermann's body.


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