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Spectre Vol 3 47


Spectre Vol 3 47

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"Use of Power": Sorcerer, with the Spear of Destiny in hand, flies back to NORAD Mountain, headquarters of the National Interest. With the Spear, Mr. Duchloss intends to destroy the Spectre and take the pieces of the American Talisman that he possesses.

Quote1 Human memory is short. The purpose of life, in all its forms, is to grow -- to change. Even death is a part of that process. Quote2
-- Gaea

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Synopsis for "Use of Power"

Sorcerer, with the Spear of Destiny in hand, flies back to NORAD Mountain, headquarters of the National Interest. With the Spear, Mr. Duchloss intends to destroy the Spectre and take the pieces of the American Talisman that he possesses.

On the dream plane, the spirit of America tells Sojourner Tsange-Taylor, a young girl, that she has been chosen to gather with others at Mount Rushmore. Sojourner wakes up, and her mother informs her that she had the same dream.

In Roswell, New Mexico, Nate Kane wonders where Jim Corrigan went.

In New York City, the Spectre confronts a hitman. The Phantom Stranger arrives and asks him why he won't reignite the sun, which has gone out. The Spectre says it is not his place to impose his own will over God's. Lonetree then appears and asks the Spectre if he believes his own words. The Spectre admits that his doubts are growing. He recalls what the Indian chief told him: do not let the Earth's soul die. So the Spectre goes to the center of the Earth and comforts Gaea. Even her elementals cannot save her, for their power is tied to hers. But Gaea suggests that the Spectre join his power with hers, hoping it might be enough to keep the planet alive. In order to use his power to preserve live rather than take it, the Spectre recalls a day when he was truly happy—when Jim Corrigan was a young boy sitting alone in a boat. He extends his feelings out to the world.

In a Roswell bar, Nate Kane talks to a man who says he was at the UFO crash site. He says they did find an alien, but it was unable to move—we see that it was Sorcerer. As the man finishes his story, he wonders if his actions are what caused the sun to go out. He takes out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

The Spectre sees too much to bear, but Gaea tells him not to give in to the darkness. She directs his attention to the ones fighting against the darkness. They observe Hal Jordan (as Parallax) and watch him reignite the sun. The world rejoices. But the Spectre is troubled, for he has discovered that his power can be used in ways he hadn't thought—and for the first time, he feels the enormity of what he did to Vlatava. He tells Gaea that he has changed, and he does not know if he can go on. She tells him that the purpose of life is to grow—to change.

In the New Mexican desert, Victorio drives to greet his brother Tahzey. Tahzey has gathered a group of American Indians to dance the Ghost Dance. Their ancestors appear as ghosts, along with elders from many other tribes. Tahzey asks them to help him drive the white men from their lands.


  • This is part eleven of the story arc, "The Haunting of America." It concludes with issue #50.


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