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Quote1 Atlas needs you. You're the one who fixes him. You're his strength. Without you, he's nothing and he knows it. That's why he pushes you around. Atlas is afraid of you. Quote2
-- Robin src

Mechanic, sometime in his life, joined up with the mighty robot Atlas. Mechanic fixed and made weapons for Atlas so that he could best his oponents. When Atlas realized that Mechanic was vital to him, the robot villian began to bully Mechanic.

One day, when Atlas lost to Cyborg in a video game. The hero and villian duked it out in three battles. When Robin began to show Mechanic how important Spike was to Atlas, Spike began to resist his long-time master. When Spike refused to help, Atlas lost the last fight with Cyborg. Mechanic left victoriously with his new Teen Titan friends and he went on to live a normal life.


  • Mechanical Genius: Atlas cannot figure out his own weaponry. He requires Spike to do it for him.


  • Jet Pack: Mechanic uses a jet pack to get everywhere and feed his master Atlas.



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