Spinner ran with a gang called the Diablos until she got gifted and got in the employments of La Dama. Where she eventually got in to security duty at Warehouse 13 under the command of Headmaster

When the Posse infiltrated the compound she discovered one of its members was Thumper who she knew from the Diablos. Without provocation Spinner switched the powers of Thumper and a other Posse member Piñata Thump exploded unable to control the switched power. The Posse believed Thump had been killed so a fight broke lose, luckily for Thump the switch was only temporary and joined the fray after a while. The fight stopped only after the Phantom Stranger was able to discover the warehouse. The Posse heard from La Dama everyone was free to enter the Warehouse as they pleased but the residence felt save and secure at the warehouse, faraway from the prying eyes of the normal people. The Posse reassured them there was someone who could protect them the Blue Beetle.

The Posse and less then half of the residence of Warehouse 13 stepped out of the front gate. Spinner was later scowled at for using her gift without permission.


Little is known about Spinners powers but they're Magical in nature.

  • Power Distribution: Spinner has the power to temporary switch powers between two creatures but only temporary.



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