Stanislaus Drozdowski was an old friend of Janos Prohaska, who likewise hailed from Stan's homeland, Poland. Drozdowski became a loyal ally of Prohaska and served with him as a pilot in the Blackhawk Squadron. Stanislaus lost his life in June of 1941, when his Grumman XF5F Skyrocket failed to throttle correctly in the hangar bay at the Valentine-Prendergast Airplane Factory in Moscow, Russia. At the time, the Blackhawks were under attack by their socialist counterparts the White Lions.

Zero Hour

After the reality-changing event called Zero Hour, Stanislaus Drozdowski's history changed. The main difference is that Drozdowski did not die in 1941, and operated as a member of the Blackhawk Squadron for many years afterward. He was still in the Blackhawk Squadron when the JLA formed, early in the second heroic age.[1]



World War II era military issue firearm



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