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Stan Kitch was a high rank officer of the Gotham City Police Department and worked on the Homicide Department.

He was an active member of the force when Bane released all the inmates from Arkham Asylum. Kitch was the first officer to locate the dead body of Film Freak, who was killed by Bane himself.[1]

Kich was also the leading officer when Mr. Zsasz held several students hostages. He sent two members of the Tactical Squad into the school and both ended up killed by Zsasz. Kitch's operation was stopped first by Batman and then by Detective Bullock and Officer Montoya from the Major Crimes Unit.[2]

After the police arrested Banes three main accomplices, Bullock and Kitch were in charge of the interrogation, but they failed to get any valuable information from them.[3] Kitch was then summoned by Mayor Krol, who told Kitch to allow Batman to operate freely, despite his new harsh methods and Kitch followed this command during Batman's last encounter with Bane, in which he witnessed Bane's defeat and susbequent arrest.[4]


  • Kitch was a straightforward police officer, who disliked to break standard procedures and this attitude often placed him at odds againts his Major Crime units partner, Harvey Bullock.[5]


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