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"Everything To Everyone": Starfire sits down in a meeting with Sheriff Stella Gomez of the Key West PD. She explains that she is the youngest daughter of the family Tamarus on Tamaran, her elder sister [[Komand'r (Prime Earth)|K

Quote1 Pants, Kori. Have you ever tried pants? Quote2
-- Sheriff Stella Gomez

Appearing in "Everything To Everyone"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Benji
  • Boone
  • Tina
  • Bertie




Synopsis for "Everything To Everyone"

Starfire sits down in a meeting with Sheriff Stella Gomez of the Key West PD. She explains that she is the youngest daughter of the family Tamarus on Tamaran, her elder sister Komand'r was intended to take the throne until they were attacked by another species leaving her parents dead and her home fighting a losing war. Their only hope would be to surrender; a condition of which would be that Komand'r would remain the head of the civilisation whilst Kori would be banished and sold off as a slave where she was tortured and experimented on - thereby giving her powers that she could then use to free herself and her fellow captives and leading her to Earth.

Stella agrees to Kori's request for help and, after discovering she has no form of currency but valuable gems, takes her to an appraiser, Benji. He explains that whilst some can not be valued, the diamonds are worth "three big ones" - a confusing concept to Kori.

En route to a bar Stella reminisces about her namesake - her grandmother who passed away - and the two stop the car to talk about it.

In the bar Koriand'r discovers the appeal of beer! And in the process of doing so attracts the attention of two fellow bar-goers who fight over who'll get to take her home. Stella goes to step in before Kori blasts the ground near the two men and the girls leave to go shopping for more suitable attire.

Javi brings out a Summery dress despite Stella's request of trousers. She also recieves a phone call from her brother, Sol, who warns her of a looming storm.

Next on the duo's list is to find Kori a place to live; they go to Royal Palms Estates to meet Tina whose grandson Boone is outside gardening when they arrive. Whilst Stella goes in to negotiate with Tina, she returns to find Kori and Boone locking lips under the guise of Kori using her power to learn a language through kissing - despite already knowing English fluently! Tina agrees to let Kori hire a trailer.

At sea Sol talks to his fellow Coast Guards who explain that he'll need to move on if he is to be happy again whilst he stares at a picture of a woman on his phone.

Kori is discovered showering by Boone and leaves to watch the sunset but upon the eve of the storm she returns and retrieved Tina's pet parrot Burtie and the trio take shelter as the storm rolls in.


  • This book was first published on June 10, 2015.
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