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Starman Vol 1 5


Starman Vol 1 5

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"Don't You Know There's a War On?": Starman has been captured by the Power Elite and is being held in the Hutchings Institute. Harold Melrose is determined to steal his powers, and top scientists examine the body w

Quote1 My god. This is war, all right. Quote2
-- Starman

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Synopsis for "Don't You Know There's a War On?"

Starman has been captured by the Power Elite and is being held in the Hutchings Institute.[1] Harold Melrose is determined to steal his powers, and top scientists examine the body while the Elite bicker amongst themselves. They are interrupted by reports of the great Invasion! and the Alien Alliance's attack on Australia.[2] Debating over the validity and seriousness of the threat, they are unaware of a Durlan spy who takes Melrose' form and uses it to kidnap Starman, with the intention of sending him to the mothership for experiments. On the trip back, he awakens from his containment and bursts out, defeating the pilot assigned to them. Still inside of a strange spaceship, he meets up with Firestorm, Firehawk and Power Girl, who have been enlisted by the government into the combat against the invaders.[3] Starman is surprised to see that professional superheroes would want his help, as he has never been around any before.

They pilot the craft into the fleet of Khunds stationed in the Fiji Islands, and jettison at the last second out of the explosion caused when they are fired upon. Easy Company is also stationed there, and as soon as they see the cavalry, they begin launching an infantry offensive of their own. They decimate the alien fleet, their encampments, and their soldiers. Will notes how cold-bloodedly his fellow heroes fight against the attackers in the heat of combat. In the midst of it all, they find Adam Strange imprisoned, being tortured and interrogated. As the battle is won, he is liberated, and so is his intelligence. Triumphant in this one skirmish, everybody pitches in on the clean-up crew paying respects to the dead and handling prisoners. Strange reports with news from Captain Atom, a super-hero summit is being held to coordinate forces for the duration of the crisis and they are all invited.


Firestorm Vol 2 80

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #80


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