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Supercharged is a Static storyline published as part of The New 52. Following the timeline reboot during Flashpoint, it establishes the character's position in the DCnU. The series was written by Scott McDaniel and John Rozum with illustrations by McDaniel and Andy Owens. It's notable as the only New 52 series to feature a Milestone character, an imprint that formerly existed in the Dakotaverse until it merged with the DC Universe in Milestone Forever. Due to low interest and sales, the series was cancelled midway through the first arc but allowed to finish its initial storyline.


Static bursts into New York City with the vigor and strength of a young hero on a mission. Relocating with his family to the Big Apple so that Virgil and his father could be closer to their new jobs, Static finds there is no shortage of villainy in the city that never sleeps. As he surveys the city while testing his new gadgets he gets word of a solar explosion tormenting the city. And after disposing of the threat with help from his new employers. Static, himself, is attacked by villains on bikes and an alien man calling himself Virule. [1]

After eventually defeating the Slate Gang and Virule, Static returns home to rest his wounds knowing full well he would return to arms with the Gang. His family's concerns continue to mount as they decide what to do with their second daughter's sudden reappearance. Static surmounts that both of these girls are his sisters and decides he'll deal with it using his new connections. Returning to the streets with new information he gained from school, Static uses a new adaption to his powers to find the Slate Gang. However, the Gang intentionally left a trail to be followed to lure Static into a trap. [2]

Fighting the Slate Gang the whole way home, Static finally manages to defeat and arrest (or at least detain) a few individual members of the Slate Gang. This enrages the rest of the Gang's employers who send Virule out again to kill Static. The two tackle in the skyline of Brooklyn, battling it out until Static decides that offensive combat won't win this battle as it did last time. He devises a scientific plan to lure Virule to a warehouse by a river to ensure that Static has full control of his surroundings and an increased power supply from the neighboring power lines. Effectively giving Manhattan a black out, Static defeats Virule but is immediately set upon by a female combatant supported by a fish-man named Piranha and a joker-impersonator. [3]

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