Quote1 There is power here-- and indescribable evil-- more terrible than anyone can imagine! Quote2
-- Steve Trevor src

Steve Trevor is an archaeologist that came from Los Angeles to work to protect a lost Incan Temple hidden in Cuzco, Peru. Though his work was funded by the malicious Armando Guitez he still sought to protect to runes buried there and keep them from being destroyed.

On one such attempt to protect the land he met Maria Mendoza, an activist whose father was in constant debate with the corrupt businessman. Steve warned Maria away for her safety and when her father was killed soon after, he took her to Armando's work-site at her request. When her plan for revenge backfired and she was chased into the ruins, Steve took her deep into one of the temples and kept her safe.

However, the safety would not last as Armando and his men found the site and shot Steve in the stomach. Bleeding out, Steve witnessed the event that gave Maria her connection to the sun gods and told her that she was a brave woman and special to have been chosen by the gods. Unable to be saved from such a grave injury, Steve died in Maria's hands after being taken away to the very top of the tallest holy site he had fought to protect.

Maria vowed to avenge him.