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The criminal known as Stinkbug was a known lech and possible rapist during the 1940s. He and other supercriminals like him were secretly abducted and incarcerated in the Number of the Beast program, where he always came into conflict with the superhero team The Paladins. By the modern day, Stinkbug and the other prisoners escaped thanks to the effort of The High.

Having surviving Armageddon, Stinkbug teamed with the other World War Two-era supervillains into the Fearsmiths and took over Alice, Iowa; which was renamed as "Malice". He and the other Fearsmiths attacked Gen 13 when the teens came through the town, and left them for dead. Stinkbug was ultimately killed by the Incubite-infected Caitlin Fairchild


Altered glands generate and emit aldehyde-based foul-smelling pheromones with a variety of effects when inhaled (nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, seizures). Costume/carapace enables limited flight, and body protection.



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