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"Who Watches The Weatherman?": Battalion and Jenny Sparks have another training session; in lieu of Battalion attempting to "train" a superbeing older than he is, they discuss Jenny's past.

Quote1 I was twenty years old when I stopped aging. Earth stopped making sense about the same time. One minute we had the special theory of relativity, and the next, someone rewrote the laws of physics. England was very quietly touched by the strange. I was there to see the shiftships when the Door appeared. I was a girl. I threw myself into the trouble that followed the Door, fought the king of nails from Sliding Albion and slept with beautiful blue-skinned princes...The twenties were an age of scientific romance. I loved it. Quote2
-- Jenny Sparks

Appearing in "Who Watches The Weatherman?"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Saul Baxter (Flashback only)
  • Abel Eternity (Flashback only)




Synopsis for "Who Watches The Weatherman?"

Battalion and Jenny Sparks have another training session; in lieu of Battalion attempting to "train" a superbeing older than he is, they discuss Jenny's past.

Born on January 1, 1900, she stopped aging in 1920; apparently, at the same time, most of the paranormal and superbeing-related events started to become apparent to the mundane world instead of being hidden in the shadows. In the 1920s, Sparks fought an invasion of England by a parallel reality called "Sliding Albion". In the thirties, she moved to America, where she was a populist figure fighting organized crime and the worst excesses of capitalism; in the forties, she was a film-noir style detective. She returned to England in the fifties, and worked with the British Space Force, which was actually a conspiracy to cover up contacts with Sliding Albion. The conspiracy ended in tragedy as Albion used an inter-reality "shiftdoor" to divert a massive biological attack from their reality to Jenny's. The attack resulted in many mutations similar to the comet effect, although it was confined to England.

In the sixties, Jenny attempted to write a book about her experiences, but wound up forming a super-team of her own, dedicated to assisting and defending the counter-culture movements of the time. Sadly, one of her teammates, Abel Eternity, overdosed on drugs and went berserk at a rock concert; Jenny was forced to kill him, and the group disbanded shortly afterwards. In the eighties, Jenny tried again, forming a group from those changed by Sliding Albion's biological attack. This effort also ended badly, as the superbeings among the group began to see themselves as superior to normal humans and abused them. The issue ends with Battalion trying to cheer Jenny up, saying, "You can still see the stars, Jenny."


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