"Television": Berlin, 1945.

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  • Busy Bracken (Only appearance; dies)



Synopsis for "Television"

Berlin, 1945.

Citizen Soldier and his sidekick Busy Bracken are tracking down Adolph Hitler in the ruins of Berlin. Upon entering the Fuhrerbunker, Busy Bracken is mortally shot by Hitler. Enrage of his sidekick's death, Citizen Soldier kills Hitler with his shield.

In the present, it is reveal to be another dream of Citizen Soldier's past being dreamed by Tefibi. Santini and Tefibi are researching the current identity of the Citizen Soldier while Tefibi is continuing to monitor Citizen Soldier's teleportation signature. Concurrently, Citizen Soldier's attack on America's economy, and by extant the world, comes into effect.

President Patrick Kent holds an impromptu press conference, stating that his background to the K.K.K. are false and promise that Citizen Soldier and his followers will be apprehend by the Civil Defense Administration's super team, the Civil Defense Squadron. When pressed by his aforementioned affiliations to the K.K.K., Kent went quick to deny this but is caught for his rather racist remark of saying "black lies".

Tefibi finds a positive link to the current identity of Citizen Soldier and surprisingly finds him to be Steve Gatesniak, a reclusive multi-billionaire computer genius. Gatesniak had disappeared seven years ago, but his software company Computouch exists in the town of Boring, Ohio where he practically lives and controls Boring. With this lead, Santini has superhuman Buzz Dixon in spying Boring.

In Boring, Citizen Soldier preaches to his many followers of Computouch, stating that the theft of the $200 billion in gold and the attack on the Stock Exchange has achieve their ongoing rebellion against the American government. In their next assault, Citizen Soldier intends to directly attack Washington, D.C. by targeting the Supreme Court, Congress, and the White House. He then has three volunteers to spearhead the attack in which he reveals himself to be a kind of superhuman activator and allows his volunteers to temporarily possess superpowers but will die after using up their powers. This is completely watched by Buzz and Tefibi.

One of the volunteers, possessing the powers of fire, enters into Earth's orbit and destroying every satellites, causing global communication to cease functioning before she expired.

Team Achilles prepares to go to Washington in stopping the other two superhuman assassins. Santini, Flint, and Tefibi are to go to the Supreme Court; Pickney and Jaeger to the White House with cooperation with the CDA and the Secret Service; Golovin and Jukko are to go to the Capitol Dome; and while Barak and Dr. Grunier are to stay at their headquarters to prepare for any help for the wounded.

Santini, Flint, and Tefibi teleports to the Supreme Court, but only to find the Court Building to have already been attacked.


  • This book was first published on October 8, 2003.
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