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Stormwatch: Team Achilles Vol 1 9


Stormwatch: Team Achilles Vol 1 9

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"If, On a Summer's Day a Traveller": The town of Elyria, Kansas has been taking over by a reality-warping superhuman, Aaron Williams, who is a failing writer. Changing the town's setting from different 'settings' to fit his 'story'. Most of Team Achilles is trap in the man's realities. Outsi

Quote1 Now that is a woman after my own heart. Quote2
-- Jukko Hämäläinen

Appearing in "If, On a Summer's Day a Traveller"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Special Agent Jones


  • Aaron Williams

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "If, On a Summer's Day a Traveller"

The town of Elyria, Kansas has been taking over by a reality-warping superhuman, Aaron Williams, who is a failing writer. Changing the town's setting from different 'settings' to fit his 'story'. Most of Team Achilles is trap in the man's realities. Outside of the town, the rest of Team Achilles Khalid Tefibi and Blake Coleman strategize with Agent Jones from International Operations in finding another way to stop Williams beside from using lethal force as he is able to resist with ease. Achilles' Doctor Marie Grunier volunteers and knows how to stop Williams.

Grunier successfully plot this out by entering Williams' 'story' and trick him that she is his subconscious and warning him that he is dreaming and his life in danger in a leaking gas main. As Grunier attempts to convince Williams to 'wake up' and continue his normal existence, Agent Jones and federal authorities abruptly enters into Elyria. Jukko, who remains hidden from Williams' awareness in Elyria, learns from Coleman and Tefibi of Jones' intervention and the failing outcome would have Williams killing everyone in town. He delay Jones' convoy with sniper fire and enough time for Dr. Grunier to kill Williams by breaking his neck. Grunier meets with Jukko along with Williams' body. She refuses Jukko's offer for him to bring back Williams' body to Team Achilles' headquarters from being experiment by the C.D.A. for their own ends, and will do it herself as it is her responsibility. Jukko is impress with Grunier as she teleports through Project Entry.

Appearing in "The Authority: High Stakes (Part 1 of 3)"


  • Madorra Chance (First appearance)


  • Alternate 66
  • Viceworld



Synopsis for "The Authority: High Stakes (Part 1 of 3)"

The Authority has just defeated a group of men known as Dice-Men for attacking a city. Apollo interrogates a lone surviving Dice-Man for the reason they had attacked by burning his testicle. With the given information, the Authority travels through The Bleed and enters Alternate 66 to dock at a world-size space casino known as Viceworld. The team confronts the mastermind of the attack, Madorra Chance the owner of Viceworld. She tell the Authority that the attack was a high stakes "game" bet by her bidders from across the multiverse, as accustomed to her station's extreme form of gambling. And currently, the Authority is still being play in saving their world from Madorra Chance's forces. This forces the Authority to return back to Earth.


  • This book was first published on March 12, 2003.
  • The Authority: High Stakes was reprinted in full in The Authority Vol 2 #0 and in The Authority (Vol 5): Harsh Realities.
  • The Authority: High Stakes continues in Sleeper: Season One #3.


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