"The Beast from the Runaway World": This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #55.

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  • The Sfarri
  • Zarradak

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Synopsis for "The Beast from the Runaway World"

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #55.

Waiting for the Zeta-Beam in South African Velt, Adam Strange is shocked to find that the Zeta-Beam never appears. Wondering what happens, he calculates that the next beam will come in about eight days somewhere over the Atlantic. Traveling there at the appropriate time, Strange is relieved to be struck by the Zeta-Beam and transported to Rann. There he is greeted by a frantic Alanna who was worried she would never see Adam again. She explains that eight days ago, instead of Adam appearing a lizard creature they call "Zaradak" appeared instead, they soon realized that the Zeta-Beam that Adam had missed was intercepted by a runaway planet. Since then the creature has been wreaking havoc on Ranagar City.

Adam attacks the creature head on, but finds that his attacks has no effect on the monster, and so tries a different approach and manages to tame Zaradak by feeding it. With the monster tamed, Adam and Alanna are then alerted that Rann has been bombed from outer space. They are informed the war-like Sfarri of the planet Sfar launched the attack and ordered that the people of Rann surrender or another attack will be launched.

Deciding to use Zaradak as a shield to bounce the next bomb off, they prepare to use the beast, however the Zeta-Beam that sent the creature to Rann wears off and Zaradak is returned to his home planet. Without Zaradak, Adam decides to attack the bomb straight on, and he and Alanna fly out into space to intercept it. There, Adam uses his ray gun to detonate the bomb, and the two manage to escape the explosion. Thanking Adam for once again saving Rann, Alanna is once more witness to the Zeta-Beam wearing off and Adam being returned back to Earth.


  • This book was first published on July 17, 1969.
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