"Duel of the Two Adam Stranges": This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #59.

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Synopsis for "Duel of the Two Adam Stranges"

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #59.

On the planet Rann, the people of Ranagar City are shocked to see a giant Adam Strange approach their home. This giant Adam explains to Alanna that when the last Zeta-Beam wore off he wasn't returned to Earth, but instead caught in the radioactive pulse of a radioactive planet and was hurtled back to Rann and grown to giant size. He then proclaims that he will make himself master of the whole planet and begins smashing the city. Avanar Bar, former dictator offers to fight back the giant if they allow him to rule again. The people agree, and Avanar Bar's attack manages to make the giant Adam Strange flee. Alanna retires to her room to cry over the apparent betrayal of her love.

Meanwhile on Earth, the real Adam Strange is flying into the upper atmosphere to intercept the next Zeta-Beam, he makes it, having to dodge an incoming meteor before being transported to Rann. There, Adam is attacked by his giant doppleganger, knocking him into the water. The giant Adam then reports Adam's "demise" to it's master: Avanar Bar, little realizing that Adam survived the attack and is able to breath under water because he wore his space helmet.

Arriving in Ranagar City, Adam is told what happened and reveals that Avanar Bar is behind it, he then decides to take the control device that Bar is using to control the giant Adam Strange. Thinking the controller is in Bar's ship, Adam steals it and realizes that it was just a cover and some other device controls the giant. Avanar Bar realizing that somebody took his ship seeks to get it back and is quickly defeated by Adam Strange.

Taking Bar to the Hall of Justice to answer to his crimes, Bar admits to everything but tells them that if they do not let him free his giant robot Adam Strange will destroy them all. Realizing the robot stopped rampaging when Bar was confined to a cell under Adams watch and a search yields no control device, Adam finally learns the truth after looking at a picture of Avanar Bar.

Suddenly pulling on Bar's hair, it turns out to be a wig with a control device hidden inside, he explains that Bar cut his hair and wore the wig, and that the way the hair was parted on the wig was the opposite of how he used to part his hair for real, and that gave himself away.

With Avanar Bar defeated, the Zeta-Beam wears off and Adam is once more returned back to Earth.


  • This book was first published on September 18, 1969.
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