"The Secret of the Tom Thumb Spaceman": This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #78.

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Synopsis for "The Secret of the Tom Thumb Spaceman"

This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #78.

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This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #19.

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Synopsis for Adam Strange: "Shadow People of the Eclipse!"

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #78.

While flying over the Matto Grosso in Brazil, Adam Strange must dodge flaming arrows shot at him by the locals, before intercepting the Zeta-Beam that transports him to the planet Rann. When he arrives there, he learns from Alanna that the entire planet has been plunged into darkness. Arriving in Ranagar, they are alerted of a message in the sky from the Vantor people who threatened Ranagar in the past (in issue #63) who promise the worst is yet to come.

The very next day the gloom is gone, however a Vantor ship carrying a large black disc appears in the sky, Rann's weapons have no effect on the ship which places the disc in front of Rann's sun. The rays filtered through the lens turns everybody in it's path into living shadows, including Adam and Alanna. Suddenly the effected people find themselves transported to another planet, where the Vantor explain they will live their lives serving Llyrr.

Llyrr, they explain is a creature that is the last of his kind and cannot travel through space, so he uses his vast mental powers to experience the lives of others by reading their minds, a process which usually destroys the host. The Vantor explain that they arrived on Llyrr's world and when their weapons had no effect on him, offered to bring him creatures whose minds he can read. With that, they explained that they used their revenge plot on the people of Rann in order to fulfill their promise to Llyrr, just then Llyrr arrives to begin reading the minds of the gathered alien creatures.

Adam begins devising a way to defeat the seemingly indestructible Llyrr, inspired by a thundercloud, Adam predicts the added power of their mind energy and lightning might be enough to defeat Llyrr. Getting the others to aid him, Adam succeeds and a powerful bolt of lightning strikes down Llyrr, knocking him out. With Llyrr defeated, the people of Rann are automatically returned to their own where. Where they gather weapons to mount a counter attack on the Vantor invaders. Using vacuumizers confiscated from the Vantor in their previous attack on Rann, Alanna and Adam suck up everything on Rann except for the Vantor and their ship. Adam and Alanna beat the Vantor to their shuttle as the eclipse device makes another pass, transporting the Vantor to Llyrr's world with no way of escape. With the Vantor defeated, Alanna and Adam restore Rann to normal and their victory is celebrated.

Soon after, Alanna prepares Adam a victory meal, but just after his first bite, the Zeta-Beam wears off and Adam is returned back to Earth.


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