Summer Swan, code named Destra, gained super-human abilities after going on a date with an alien life-form. She spent years going from school to school, constantly rebelling and getting herself kicked out. She finally wound up at the Seminary, where she befriended Empty Vee, a fellow student in Alpha Homeroom. During her time at the Seminary, she used Vee as a means for entertainment, training her to act depressed with the school councilor. She also tried getting Vee some action with her crush, Punchy, but he rejected Vee, preferring Summer instead. Summer considered herself too good for Punchy, but after being rejected by Duke for a summer super-hero adventure, she turned to him for his assistance. The two discovered that her father's company, Devonshire Foods, had ulterior motives and that the food provided to the students at the Seminary was laced with mind-controlling drugs. Summer and her friends escaped from her father and his men, broke into a lab containing a prototype teleporter, and escaped.

Somehow, Summer survived Armageddon, and was present when Jack Hawksmoor of the Authority informed many of Earth's heroes that the Carrier was leaving.[1][2] She and the other members of the Intimates were later among the gathered heroes on Skywatch being debriefed by Spartan.[3]