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Officer Sung Li, more commonly known as Girl One, is an officer for the Neopolis Police Department, more affectionately known as the Top Ten. She is a bio-engineered woman based on a collection of video game characters, created by a small group of rich friends. She is superhumanly agile and fast and has chameleonic skin that disguises the fact she is actually naked at all times (not due to immodesty but simply for the sake of comfort).
Her sergeant, Kemlo Caesar, being canine, does not see color, allowing him to clearly view her naked at all times. His failure to inform her of this caused tension between the two, which Kemlo avoided by claiming not to be attracted to humans (although this was later revealed to be false), and instead dating a dog named "Mitzi". Girl One died in battle against Commissioner Ultima. However, a successor to Girl One later appeared, Girl 54.

  • Sung Li's name and face were based on glamour model Sung Hi Lee.



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This character is or was a member of Precinct 10, more affectionately known as the Top 10, the police force in the city of Neopolis. Top 10 is an entirely superhero-composed police force, which it must be to handle the entirely superpowered citizenry of the city it protects. Top 10 exists under the ownership and continuity of ABC, America's Best Comics, an indepent publisher founded by Alan Moore in 1999, but later bought by WildStorm Productions, a subsidiary of DC Comics. This template will categorize articles that include it into the "Top 10 members and "Police Officers" category."
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