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Official Name
Vehicle Type
Motorcycle, Spacecraft, Time Travel Device

Vehicle Details

Previous Owners


Quote1 It's the bike-- chicks dig the bike! Quote2


The Super-Cycle is a three-wheeled all-terrain conveyance first designed by the engineers of New Genesis. The cycle is capable of atmospheric flight, teleportation, and can phase through solid matter. One version of the Super-Cycle was owned by the young adventurers, the Forever People.

A second Super-Cycle was excavated and later utilized by members of Young Justice after the defeat of its original owner Rip Roar. The Cycle generally displayed some degree of independent sentience, as well as a sensitivity to danger that Young Justice would be particulaly well-equipped to defeat, such as the temporary return of Despero.



  • Both Super-Cycles (Forever People's and Young Justice's) know each other, fell in love and get a son called "Kirbee", in honor to their creator Jack Kirby.

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