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Super-Team Family Vol 1 6


Super-Team Family Vol 1 6

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"The Return of the Composite Superman!": This story is reprinted from World's Finest #168.

Appearing in "The Return of the Composite Superman!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:




Synopsis for "The Return of the Composite Superman!"

This story is reprinted from World's Finest #168.

An alien foe of Superman and Batman turns Joe Meach once again into the Composite Superman, and sets him against the World’s Finest team. The heroes find themselves unable to fight against the multiple powers of the Composite Superman and they decide to split and investigate a way to stop him. Superman investigates at the Superman Museum, where he lears that Joe Meach's source of powers are the statues of the Legion of Super-Heroes and for this reason, he destroys the statues.

Meanwhile, Batman and Robin are captured by the Composite Superman and he uses them as a bait to lure Superman into a trap and capture him as well. With the heroes at his mercy, Composite Superman prepares to destroy them, but his powers start to fade away. At that moment, the alien foe who used Composite Superman appears and reveals his plan of using Meach to weaken the heroes so he can destroy them. When Meach returned to normal, the alien fired a lethal energy blast at the heroes, but a remorseful Meach intercepted the blast, which killed him instantly. Batman and Robin proceed to capture the alien and afterwards, they create a memorial for the villain who sacrificed himself, saved their lives and died a hero.

Appearing in "Then There Were None"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Professor Edgewise
  • Mrs. Wagner
  • Red O'Reilly
  • Leroy Marks
  • Jim Bellows


  • Lem Blucher (Single appearance)
  • Robot duplicates of Billy and Mary Batson, Freddy Freeman, Prof. Edgewise, Mrs. Wagner, Red O'Reilly, Leroy Marks and Jim Bellows (Single appearance)

Other Characters:




  • A helicopter

Synopsis for "Then There Were None"

This story is reprinted from Marvel Family #89.


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