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This is the Superboy disambiguation page.

Current alternate identity: Clark KentKon-El

Conner Kent 001

Superboy is a younger version of Superman and a member of the Superman Family. This was originally the identity that Clark Kent adopted using his powers to help others as a teenager in Smallville. He has also been a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in More Fun Comics #101. (1945)

The second and current version is Kon-El, also known as Conner Kent. He is a clone of the original created by Project Cadmus using DNA contributions from Lex Luthor. During Infinite Crisis he died fighting Superboy-Prime, but he was resurrected during Final Crisis. Superboy has been a member of Ravers, Young Justice, the Teen Titans and the Legion of Super-Heroes. Kon-El was created by Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett, and first appeared in Adventures of Superman #500. (1993)

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