Deadshot tracks down Knockout at the strip club she works at and offers her amnesty for stealing the Spear of Lona in exchange for joining the Suicide Squad, which she accepts immediately.


Suicidal Tendencies

Deadshot tracks down Knockout at the strip club she works at and offers her amnesty for stealing the Spear of Lona in exchange for joining the Suicide Squad, which she accepts immediately.

Superboy, meanwhile, is taking his proficiency exam under the careful eye of Mack Harlin. When he hears a commotion outside, he insists on investigating, even though he has not finished the test and Harlin warns him that he will only be graded on what he's done so far. Superboy finds Captain Boomerang fighting with some agents of the Silicon Dragons, having stolen some info from them. The Kid rounds them all up for Sam Makoa, but catches wind of something going on between Boomerang and Makoa. SB threatens to have Tana Moon expose that he is working with a felon unless Makoa lets him in on what's happening. Makoa reluctantly agrees, reiterating more than once how serious a job is lying before them.

Before he meets with Makoa, the Kid makes time for Tana at the compound, completely oblivious to the fact that Roxy is making plans that involve a one way plane ticket.

Superboy and Makoa go aboard a freighter with Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad: Knockout, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Sidearm, and King Shark are part of this incarnation. Makoa is not pleased about having King Shark along, and even less pleased to now that the Shark's presence is conditional on an explosive belt that goes off if Makoa dies. Waller argues they will need all the help they can get.

The frigate is scuttled, leaving the Squad in a small pod sinking down to the ocean floor where the lair of the Dragons is located. Lady Dragon and her soldiers are waiting, and they retrieve the pod and dump the Squad into a pool of water inside the base--surrounded by an army of the Dragons lead by none other than Stinger.

Kill Them All!

Stinger and an army of Silicon Dragons begin firing at Superboy and the Suicide Squad in the pool. Sidearm is hit, and King Shark grabs Sam Makoa and dives beneath the water. The rest of the team get out of the pool and fight the Dragons. Superboy is in over his head, Deadshot is methodical, Knockout is having fun, and Captain Boomerang is just trying not to get shot. Superboy calls a retreat, and they withdraw to a side room, where Boomerang tells the others about Makoa. King Shark drags Makoa through the deep and smashes a way into another part of the base. As Makoa questions whether the Shark is trying to keep him just barely alive, a Dragon corners him, but Makoa warns him about the explosive belt King Shark is wearing. Sidearm turns up, having survived the pool and followed Makoa. Sam figures that someone on the team must have sold them out, and wonders which one could have done so (quickly eliminating the Kid and King Shark, the latter having been kept in isolation beforehand). Sidearm flips out and tries to force Makoa to get him out of there, and King Shark kills him for it. Upset how cold blooded the Shark is, Makoa promises him that he won't make it out of there alive, even if it kills him.

Stinger confronts Lady Dragon about her code of honor, always using equal force. She reminds him that he works for her, and informs him that the Squad is exactly where she wants them. She floods the chamber they're in, and Superboy has to frantically unlock a hatch and get them out of there before they drown. It was a dual edged trap, however, and they escape drowning in one chamber only to be gassed in the next.

Back in Hawaii, Dubbilex has a telepathic flash that Superboy is in trouble. Rex tells him that Roxy has left for the mainland.

Superboy awakes in chains at the mercy of the Lady Dragon, who identifies herself as his executioner.

Honor Among Thieves

The Lady Dragon uses her beam saber to slice Superboy free of his bonds, citing that honor demands that they must battle fairly. She lets him know that there was a traitor in the Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile, Knockout and Deadshot escape their cell and meet up with Captain Boomerang, as well as Sam Makoa and King Shark. Stinger attacks them with a horde of Silicon Dragons, despite the Lady's orders not to use anything but equal force. Even fighting that way the Suicide Squad shreds his forces and captures him. Deadshot is all set to blow his head off, but Makoa manages to cut a deal with him so that he'll betray the Dragon.

Lady Dragon presses her attack on the Kid, using every trick her base has to wear away at him. She maintains her "equal force" rule, however--when Superboy loses his X-ray specs, she puts away her laser sword. She holds the advantage, but suddenly is alerted to Stinger's treachery and dives down a side tunnel. SB pursues her. The Lady traps the Squad by trapdoors dropping them down and leaving them dangling high above the base's reactors. Lady Dragon emerges and shouts out that she has been betrayed. Captain Boomerang admits that he was the turncoat, feeling really stupid when LD reveals that she was talking about Stinger. Deadshot shoots him in the hands for his treachery, but Superboy saves him from falling. Knockout tackles King Shark and they fall towards the reactor, which Stinger warns will detonate when the Shark's belt goes off. Lady Dragon flees while Superboy helps the rest of the team to some escape pods. The entire base is destroyed in a series of explosions.

Later, he is debriefed by Amanda Waller and then gets a heart to heart with Makoa about the mission.


Paraphernalia Appearing

Items: Techno-Vest; X-ray Glasses
Vehicles: None known.
Weapons: Lady Dragon's laser sword


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