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Appearing in "The Super-Monkey from Krypton!"

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Synopsis for "The Super-Monkey from Krypton!"

While visiting a zoo, Clark Kent is reminded of how, when he was a child, an experimental monkey of Jor-El’s had stowed away aboard his rocket, escaping before it exploded, gaining super-powers on Earth, taking Clark’s Kryptonian playsuit for himself, causing trouble for baby Clark, and eventually fleeing to outer space. Clark wonders when he will see Super-Monkey again.

Appearing in "The Biggest Bully in Smallville!"

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Synopsis for "The Biggest Bully in Smallville!"

The Kents take a juvenile delinquent into their home, and soon learn the error of their ways--especially when he discovers that Clark Kent is Superboy.

Appearing in "The Day Clark Kent Got a Haircut!"

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Synopsis for "The Day Clark Kent Got a Haircut!"

Noting that Clark Kent never comes in for a haircut (because his hair doesn’t grow that much in Earth’s atmosphere), Joe Timmons, a barber, suspects he is Superboy and tries to confirm it by luring Clark in for a haircut.


  • "The Super-Monkey from Krypton!" is reprinted in DC Goes Ape.


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