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Superboy Vol 4 14


Superboy Vol 4 14

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"Watery Grave, Part 2 of 3: Kill Them All!": Stinger and an army of Silicon Dragons begin firing at Superboy and the Suicide Squad in the pool. Sidearm is hit, and [[Nanaue (New Earth)|King S

Quote1 I am your executioner. Quote2
-- Lady Dragon

Appearing in "Watery Grave, Part 2 of 3: Kill Them All!"

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Synopsis for "Watery Grave, Part 2 of 3: Kill Them All!"

Stinger and an army of Silicon Dragons begin firing at Superboy and the Suicide Squad in the pool. Sidearm is hit, and King Shark grabs Sam Makoa and dives beneath the water. The rest of the team get out of the pool and fight the Dragons. Superboy is in over his head, Deadshot is methodical, Knockout is having fun, and Captain Boomerang is just trying not to get shot. Superboy calls a retreat, and they withdraw to a side room, where Boomerang tells the others about Makoa. King Shark drags Makoa through the deep and smashes a way into another part of the base. As Makoa questions whether the Shark is trying to keep him just barely alive, a Dragon corners him, but Makoa warns him about the explosive belt King Shark is wearing. Sidearm turns up, having survived the pool and followed Makoa. Sam figures that someone on the team must have sold them out, and wonders which one could have done so (quickly eliminating the Kid and King Shark, the latter having been kept in isolation beforehand). Sidearm flips out and tries to force Makoa to get him out of there, and King Shark kills him for it. Upset how cold blooded the Shark is, Makoa promises him that he won't make it out of there alive, even if it kills him.

Stinger confronts Lady Dragon about her code of honor, always using equal force. She reminds him that he works for her, and informs him that the Squad is exactly where she wants them. She floods the chamber they're in, and Superboy has to frantically unlock a hatch and get them out of there before they drown. It was a dual edged trap, however, and they escape drowning in one chamber only to be gassed in the next.

Back in Hawaii, Dubbilex has a telepathic flash that Superboy is in trouble. Rex tells him that Roxy has left for the mainland.

Superboy awakes in chains at the mercy of the Lady Dragon, who identifies herself as his executioner.


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