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Superboy Vol 4 24


Superboy Vol 4 24

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"Like Damocles' Sword": Superboy enjoys the company of Mack Harlin, who runs the high school detention. A friend of his, Hillary Chang, waits outside.

Quote1 Back in a heartbeat, try to make sure both of your's are still doin' that, okay? For me? Quote2
-- Superboy

Appearing in "Like Damocles' Sword"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Dan Turpin
  • Captain Lewis
  • Jake
  • Janet
  • Lon Tower
  • Miss Snibbly
  • Pinto
  • Robert Lai




Synopsis for "Like Damocles' Sword"

Superboy enjoys the company of Mack Harlin, who runs the high school detention. A friend of his, Hillary Chang, waits outside.

Dr. Kaua, aka Silver Sword, visits his old assistant, Janet, having escaped from the hospitality of the U.S. Navy. When she leaves for work, he turns on the television and sees a broadcast of Superboy and Knockout defeating the Technician. Enraged that Knockout is walking free and being called a hero, Kaua transforms into Silver Sword and tears out of Janet's house.

Tana Moon meets Superboy once he gets out of detention. Knockout also drops by with his costume, all set for his other training to be begin. Tana insists that he study, but KO says that he will be studying, how to fight. While SB goes to change, Knockout warns Tana to back off investigating her. Just then, Silver Sword shows up and attacks Knockout, but he seriously underestimated her raw power. She knocks SS into a used car lot and they begin to mix it up. She throws a car at Silver Sword, but misses and it crashes into Sam Makoa's office, where he's trying to convince Dan "Terrible" Turpin to endorse his plan for a Special Crimes Unit in Hawaii.

Superboy tries to end the fight, but Knockout is having too much fun. Finally, a Navy chopper shows up and opens fire on Silver Sword, knocking him out. The Navy personnel insists that he be turned over to them, but Knockout and SB discreetly help him get away. Later, Kaua calls The Compound and tells Rex to thank Superboy and Knockout for him. It didn't shock Rex nearly as much as when Roxy tells him that she's joining the police academy.

Tana, not scared off by Knockout, goes to the Boom Boom Room to get more information on Kay. She is barely there when a boom tube opens and the Female Furies arrive from Apokolips.


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