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in: Jenette Kahn/Executive Editor, Tom Grummett/Cover Artist, Karl Kesel/Cover Artist Tom McCraw/Cover Artist, Karl Kesel/Writer, Tom Grummett/Penciler, Jeffrey Moy/Penciler, Dean Zachary/Penciler, Jim Calafiore/Penciler, Doug Hazlewood/Inker, Keith Champagne/Inker, Dan Davis/Inker, John Lowe/Inker, Tom McCraw/Colourist, Richard Starkings/Letterer, Comicraft/Letterer, Frank Pittarese/Editor, Kon-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Dubbilex (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Leech (New Earth)/Appearances, Roxanne Leech (New Earth)/Appearances, Tana Moon (New Earth)/Appearances, Samuel Makoa (New Earth)/Appearances, Knockout (New Earth)/Appearances, Hillary Chang (New Earth)/Appearances, Female Furies (New Earth)/Appearances, Artemiz (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernadeth (New Earth)/Appearances, Chessure (New Earth)/Appearances, Lashina (New Earth)/Appearances, Bloody Mary (New Earth)/Appearances, Speed Queen (New Earth)/Appearances, Stompa (New Earth)/Appearances, Mad Harriet (New Earth)/Appearances, Malice Vundabar (New Earth)/Appearances, Big Barda (New Earth)/Appearances, Granny Goodness (New Earth)/Appearances, Hawaii/Appearances, Boom Boom Room/Appearances, Compound/Appearances, Comics, 1996, 1996, March, 1996, January (Publication), Superboy Vol 4, Modern-Age, Synopsis Written

Superboy Vol 4 25


Superboy Vol 4 25

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"Whom the Gods Would Destroy! - Losin' It! Pt 1 of 6": The Female Furies trash the Boom Boom Room looking for Knockout. Bernadeth kills Pinto and holds her sword on Tana Moon. Tana's

Quote1 And before he knew he was on his knees, Superboy was on his back, with a dozen armored angels at his throat. Quote2

Appearing in "Whom the Gods Would Destroy! - Losin' It! Pt 1 of 6"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Big Barda (Flashback only)
  • Granny Goodness (Flashback only)
  • Pinto (Final appearance; Dies)
  • Gordon
  • Wes Smithson (First appearance)




Synopsis for "Whom the Gods Would Destroy! - Losin' It! Pt 1 of 6"

The Female Furies trash the Boom Boom Room looking for Knockout. Bernadeth kills Pinto and holds her sword on Tana Moon. Tana's cameraman, Gordon, manages to sneak away and heads straight for The Compound. While he pulls Superboy away from a study session, Sam Makoa gets wind of the Furies and collects Dan Turpin (still in town) to help him out. Tana is nearly killed by the Furies when she tells them that Knockout has left for Metropolis, but Superboy arrives in the nick of time and saves her.

Speed Queen knocks Superboy into the streets and Lashina attacks him. Knockout shows up, however, and takes on the whole legion of Furies. Superboy's interference leaves himself unconscious, most of the street demolished, and utter chaos ruling the day. Superboy wakes up on the roof of his high school with Knockout, the entire Female Furies in the field below. KO is waiting for the right moment to reveal their presence, in the meantime she recaps her history. She is from Apokolips, and was training for the Furies back when Big Barda was leader of the team. More than once she was punished by being sent to the Fire Pits, and the last time she broke her chains. She had a "fever dream" (hallucination) of a man offering her a way out by jumping into the flames (the hallucination was apparently Himon). She followed him, a boom tube opened, and she ended up in Hawaii. Trying to put her old life behind her, Knockout swore she's never put her colors on again until Superboy showed up and reminded her of her old life.

Down below, Makoa and Turpin arrive with a platoon of cops. The chaos is what KO had been waiting for. Nothing short of all out war ensues, and the good guys are not only outnumbered but severally outclassed. The Furies back off leaving for Apokolips via Boom Tube, Knockout and the Kid dead at their feet--or so they think. Dubbilex emerges from the shadows, telling them that he used his telepathy to trick the Furies into leaving. Knockout is not happy about it, feeling robbed of her honor. Turpin says he'll approve a Special Crimes Unit for Hawaii.

At the Compound, Rex seems unusually happy that Roxy is going to be a cop. Knockout takes Superboy out for a little celebration.


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