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Quote1 Look, I don't care if you're Cindy Crawford! Quote2
--Cop, to Pele

"Fired Up! - Idol Worship pt 2 of 2": At The Compound, Dubbilex is excited when his new friend Anya calls him, someone who he is very infatuated with.

Appearing in "Fired Up! - Idol Worship pt 2 of 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Anya




Synopsis for "Fired Up! - Idol Worship pt 2 of 2"

At The Compound, Dubbilex is excited when his new friend Anya calls him, someone who he is very infatuated with.

At the Kilauea volcano, Superboy and Green Lantern emerge from a lava pit, safe thanks to GL's efforts. They leave the volcano, hoping to find Silver Sword and Pele, his new master, who claims to be the real Hawaiian fire goddess come to reclaim her islands. Pele and Silver Sword saunter into the streets of Hilo, with Pele demanding that everyone respect her as a goddess. Some of the locals are swayed, but the police insist she move on. SB and GL quickly get there, much to Pele's disapproval. She sees Superboy as the embodiment of everything that is wrong with Hawaii and seeks to show them all that she is genuine. Pele causes a lava flow to erupt in the middle of the street, endangering a hundred people nearby. GL and the Kid work quickly to contain the lava flow and save the innocents.

Silver Sword questions Pele's motives at putting people in danger, but she merely responds that Hawaii and its people are hers to do what she will. Denouncing her at once as a fraud, Silver Sword attacks her, but she defeats him. Superboy confronts her and manages to get her at his mercy. Frightened, not wanting for things to go back to the way they were, Pele throws herself in the lava pit.

Afterwards, Kyle gives a saddened Superboy an art lesson. The Kid feels bad, especially since he is being largely blamed for the whole incident. GL tries to cheer him up before leaving, but the Kid is too down about the whole ordeal.



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