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Superboy Vol 4 56


Superboy Vol 4 56

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"Here There Be Monsters!": Superboy, Dubbilex, and Guardian return to Project Cadmus transporting Grokk the Living Gargoyle. The beast is put into a containment field as Superboy pokes a

Quote1 I'm with Worf! These things are so mega cute it's kinda... creepy!? Quote2
-- Superboy

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Synopsis for "Here There Be Monsters!"

Superboy, Dubbilex, and Guardian return to Project Cadmus transporting Grokk the Living Gargoyle. The beast is put into a containment field as Superboy pokes around Cadmus's realm of monsters. There is one cell that contains tribble looking creatures called Jugglars, but thanks to special DNA activated force fields, the Kid is safe from them. The new director of Cadmus has arrive, none other than Mickey "the Mechanic" Cannon. Mick has been assigned to clean up the Project and make sure that no bad publicity could hurt it. His first order of business is to fire all the head scientists of the Project (the original Newsboy Legion). He brings in a military liason, Col. Adam Winterbourne, one of the slaves that Superboy freed from the Wild Lands [1], and asks Superboy, Guardian, and Dubbilex to stay. Dub has been having some problems with his telepathy lately, but he keeps that knowledge to himself.

The Project scientists round up their young clones, the present Newsboy Legion, who are not happy at the idea of permanently leaving the Project. Winterbourne insists that Angry Charlie stay with them, but the clone is not about to be taken. He releases the Jugglars and while Superboy manages to round them up, he uses the chaos to escape into the air vents. Guardian tells the Newsboys (young and old) that he will stay, for they all have each other, but Superboy has no one and will need his guidance. Superboy feels all alone again, for it is the second time in a couple of months when a place he called home was suddenly cleared out. As he broods over this, a bullet train arrives carrying a young woman named Serling Roquette.



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