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Superboy Vol 4 60


Superboy Vol 4 60

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"Hyper-tension - Pt 1 of 5: Big Bang Theory": A badly injured Superboy arrives at the Watchtower. Despite the efforts of the JLA, he dies on the operating table. This is shock to everyone --especially Kon-El, who is brought

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Synopsis for "Hyper-tension - Pt 1 of 5: Big Bang Theory"

A badly injured Superboy arrives at the Watchtower. Despite the efforts of the JLA, he dies on the operating table. This is shock to everyone --especially Kon-El, who is brought to the JLA headquarters and stunned to see another version of himself. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman explain to Superboy their recent encounter with Hypertime. After seeking additional advice from the Hairies, they would like Superboy to volunteer for an experiment with Hypertime, utilizing a device that the dead, alternate reality Superboy brought with him and that only is compatible with his DNA.

Overwhelmed but courageous, Superboy volunteers. He is strapped to a rocket with the device and blasted off. Still alive, Superboy finds himself in the Batcave. Batman does not know him although his partner seems to be another version of Superboy ...



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