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Superboy Vol 4 65


Superboy Vol 4 65

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"Hyper-Tension! Epilogue: Out of Hypertime!": With Superboy gone for such a long time, Project Cadmus is looking for a new field agent to replace him. The evil Dr. Donovan spread word about that on the internet

Quote1 I know one thing ... I'll never think of Superboy as a 'Kid' again! Quote2
-- Mickey Cannon

Appearing in "Hyper-Tension! Epilogue: Out of Hypertime!"

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Synopsis for "Hyper-Tension! Epilogue: Out of Hypertime!"

With Superboy gone for such a long time, Project Cadmus is looking for a new field agent to replace him. The evil Dr. Donovan spread word about that on the internet and now the place is filled with dozens of applicants.

The members of Young Justice are there as well, but they only want to know about the whereabouts of their teammate Superboy. The former villain Heat Wave discovers that two other applicants are not a new version of the duo Hawk and Dove, but Punch and Jewelee in disguise. A fight begins during which Serling Roquette is taken hostage, but Superboy arrives just in time to save her by defeating Punch and Jewelee.

Everybody is happy to see that Superboy is back alive and well. But Director Mickey Cannon still thinks Cadmus needs a backup field agent and he offers the job to Heat Wave. Dubbilex can read in his mind though that Cannon only thinks of Heat Wave as a potential scape goat.

In the end, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman come to Cadmus as well because they want to debrief Superboy on his mission in Hypertime.


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