"Evil Factory! - The Evil Factory Pt 1 of 5": Superboy and Serling Roquette arrive back at Project Cadmus after their outing in Hawaii. Serling tries to surprise Dubbilex by showing h

Quote1 I suspect Krypto was merely reacting to the invisible gnome sitting on my shoulder, Superboy. Quote2
-- Dubbilex

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Synopsis for "Evil Factory! - The Evil Factory Pt 1 of 5"

Superboy and Serling Roquette arrive back at Project Cadmus after their outing in Hawaii. Serling tries to surprise Dubbilex by showing him Krypto, but the pup starts barking when it sees Dub and runs off terrified. Guardian orders the Whiz Wagon be disassembled immediately. His behavior is somewhat odd, as is Mick Cannon's--in fact, Director Cannon no longer wears his leg brace.

Serling chases Krypto into a restricted area but can't catch him before Dr. Avilia catches her and asks her to leave. Superboy, confused with how squirrelly everyone is acting decides to head for Metropolis to talk to Superman (since there's been an issue he's been burning to talk to the Man of Steel about since his Hypertime adventure--that of Superman's true identity). Unbeknown to him, someone at Cadmus was monitoring his moves and is dispatching something to deal with him. Superboy goes to the Daily Planet to find Superman. Lois Lane says he isn't there, but just then a report comes in that Big Blue is fighting a monster in Locomotive Park. SB agrees to give Lois a ride to the park but wonders along the way that if Superman is in fact Clark Kent if Lois knows about it, even if she is married to him).

At Locomotive Park, Superman is fighting a "four-armed terror," but strangely enough he has an allergic reaction to monster which weakens him. Superboy jumps into the fray, but is worried when Superman tells him that last time he fought this thing the reaction almost killed him. Back at Cadmus, Serling keeps chasing Krypto, but the mutt escapes into an air duct and meets Angry Charlie. Dubbilex calls Serling to him; no one but Dub can see the little Gene-Gnome that sits on his shoulder that whispers to him (no one except Krypto, which is why he ran in the first place).

Half a continent away, somewhere in northern Alaska, Howler, Growler, Gorr, and Lee have loyally continued their search for Tana Moon. That journey has taken them all over the world. They find a bio-dome in the cold snow plains that houses a jungle environment. They breach the dome and go in, but are instantly ensnared by vines and captured.

In the park, Superman and Superboy live up to their reputation as being more powerful than a locomotive as they use the engine from which the park is named (the very same engine Superboy dropped in the park way back during the "Reign of the Supermen!" [1] to put the monster down for the count. After the fight, Superboy tries to ask Superman about his true identity, but just can't ask it. Superman does tell Kon-El that of all the people who have worn the S-shield, he feels closest to Superboy. The Man of Steel flies off quickly, leaving Superboy to drop some hints with Lois. All she tells him is that everyone needs their secrets and Superboy understands.

The Kid takes the monster back to Cadmus where he is startled to find a batch of clone soldiers made from the stock of Dr. MacGuire, the original Newsboy Scrapper. Guardian and the rest close in on Superboy and Dubbilex knocks him out with a psychic assault. Emerging from the shadows at last are Simyan and Mokkari, the evil monster makers who have come to turn Cadmus into a new Evil Factory.


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  • Superman's line "I've got a train to catch" is the exact same one Superboy used when Stinger attacked him during the "Reign of the Supermen!" and caused him to drop the locomotive.

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