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"The Evil Factory Pt 3 of 5: The Hex Files": Hex sneaks into Project Cadmus, almost being spotted by Serling Roquette, avoiding the guards. She has come looking for answers after what happened in Paris. [[Krypto

Quote1 You two are better at gettin' minds off matters at hand than a skunk at an ice cream social! Quote2
-- Hex

Appearing in "The Evil Factory Pt 3 of 5: The Hex Files"

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Synopsis for "The Evil Factory Pt 3 of 5: The Hex Files"

Hex sneaks into Project Cadmus, almost being spotted by Serling Roquette, avoiding the guards. She has come looking for answers after what happened in Paris. Krypto finds her first -- but unfortunately she is then discovered by the guards. Though she puts up a valiant fight, she is cornered and surrenders when she runs out of ammo. A Guardian clone appears to confront her but she doesn't realize it was a clone at first and tells him that she's there to make the Agenda pay for what happened to her in Paris. Amanda Spence enters the room and takes charge. When Hex angers her, Amanda slaps her hard. The blow causes the "Jonah" Hex personality to emerge, which can somehow fire guns that have no ammo. Even so, she is cornered and would have been captured had not Krypto and Angry Charlie shown up to give her a hand. The three manage to escape to monster alley.

While all the ruckus is happening, Simyan and Mokkari show Dabney Donovon the next project--creating an entire race of super-heroes.

The Guardian Clone and his clone troops pursue Hex and the others, but she frees Grokk the Living Gargoyle from his cell and uses him to ambush the clones. Suddenly, Superboy emerges from a side passage and with him is the original Guardian. They beat back the clones and regroup with Director Cannon and Serling. Mick opens the roof passage and they all pile onto Grokk the Living Gargoyle and head upwards and out. SB tells Serling his real name, [Kon-El], and she gives him the password to lock down any of the Project's bio-fields -- as well as a kiss. They make it out the exit but an incoming transport shuttle collides with Grokk the Living Gargoyle and both crash into the ground. Everyone on the gargoyle makes it alive and even the beast himself is relatively unharmed. Superboy checks out the shuttle and finds that Howler, Growler, Gorr, and Lee St. Lawrence are aboard and unharmed. They say that they were captured in Alaska by the Agenda -- and so was Tana Moon. The Kid rips open the rest of the shuttle and finds Tana -- alive, unhurt, and very happy to see him.


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