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Superboy Vol 4 73


Superboy Vol 4 73

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"The Evil Factory Pt 4 of 5: Point of No Return!": Superboy and Mickey Cannon arrive in Kurtzberg, a small town near Project Cadmus, but the local police try to place Superboy under arrest for kidnapping Mickey C

Quote1 Step by step, Superboy's actually becoming quite a leader. Quote2
-- Guardian

Appearing in "The Evil Factory Pt 4 of 5: Point of No Return!"

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Synopsis for "The Evil Factory Pt 4 of 5: Point of No Return!"

Superboy and Mickey Cannon arrive in Kurtzberg, a small town near Project Cadmus, but the local police try to place Superboy under arrest for kidnapping Mickey Cannon. A team of mutant teens shows up and attacks the Kid and things go from bad to worse when clones of Mickey and Guardian show up and denounce Superboy. The Kid doesn't bother to hang around, he leaves quickly to find the others. Mickey introduces the mutants as the Point Men on national television which pleases Amanda Spence and the Agenda. The Gene-Gnome has been tracking Superboy and all the others the entire time and is frustrated that it has to lick the boots of the Agenda, but knows that they are the ones that protect it from Simyan and Mokkari. He tells Amanda that Superboy and his friends are hiding out at Habitat.

Superboy, the original Guardian, the Wild Men trio, Lee St. Lawrence, Tana Moon, Serling Roquette, Hex, Angry Charlie, Krypto, and Grokk the Living Gargoyle are all together at the Habitat. Tana explains to Superboy how Spence captured her and planned to use her as bait. The team has mixed opinions about how to proceed, especially since the Agenda has the Gene-Gnome. Hex realizes that it can't read the minds of non-humans: so the Wildmen, Krypto, and Grokk the Living Gargoyle are masked. Hex agrees to lead the strike force which will act as a diversion, but first she changes into "Jonah" Hex. Serling, Tana, and Krypto stay behind while everybody else storms the gates. In the commotion, Dabney Donovon manages to slip away from Mokkari and Simyan.

Dubbilex and the Gene-Gnome approach Serling and Tana. When the Gene-Gnome says that it will kill Tana, Dubbilex manages to break its mental control. The two grapple momentarily before both are shut down. Serling checks on Dub and says that they have to get him to Cadmus if he's going to live.

The Project has become a full out war zone, but when the Gene-Gnome drops, the mental link between all the clones is severed. They can no longer mass coordinate so the Guardian Clone orders a retreat. While the GC escapes, the rest of the clone troops are put to rout and Superboy captures Amanda. His plan had managed to get them into Cadmus and it worked perfectly.

A hologram of the Contessa suddenly appears and informs them that her contingency plan has been put into effect in Washington. While Superboy expects a ruse, he decides to check it out anyway. He leaves Guardian in charge, who asks Amanda why she hates Superboy so much. Amanda responds that Paul Westfield -- the man whom Superboy was cloned from -- was her father.



  • Unbeknownst to Spence (and probably to everyone), the actual murderer of Paul Westfield was none other than Dabney Donovon. [1]

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