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"The New Superboy": Superboy, still powerless after being restored to his proper age after Sins of Youth, tries out some new equipment on Easy Street, Cadmus's training course. In addition to his Legion flight ring

Quote1 Y'know -- like Superman? The Last Son of Krypton! Feared and respected across the universe! C'mon -- that's supposed to intimidate you! Work with me here! Quote2
-- Superboy

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Synopsis for "The New Superboy"

Superboy, still powerless after being restored to his proper age after Sins of Youth, tries out some new equipment on Easy Street, Cadmus's training course. In addition to his Legion flight ring, Superboy also has an expanding shield (that's fashioned after the S-shield on his jacket) that was supplied by the Gadget Guru. Superboy beats the course thanks to the training Guardian's been giving him. In addition to field training, Kon-El also wants Guardian to teach him how to just be a normal human being. Guardian is happy to do it and tells the kid that he'd rather have him at his side than his replacement: the ex-con Heat Wave.

Serling Roquette is delighted to know that Doc Angel will be staying on for a while and senses that there is more to just an old friendship between her and Director Cannon (though Superboy is totally oblivious). Serling goes back to her room and encounters a pint sized clone of Dabney Donovon who tells her to meet the real Donovon later that night before disovling into goo. She runs out the room get help and finds Superboy with the Gadget Guru and Mickey, checking out the newly rebuilt space ship that was salvaged from the Demoltion Run. [1] When the four of them are aboard, the door slams shut and the ship launches into orbit on its own. The ship takes them past the moon and beyond the asteroid belt to a huge spaceship parked next to Saturn. The shuttle is brought inside the ship and lands in a docking bay were aliens cut through the hull. Superboy leaps out of the ship and is attacked by the aliens. He tries to create a diversion for the others but is unsuccessful. The kid is taken down by Kossak the Slaver, who commands the ship, and the others are all captured.

At Cadmus, Guardian sizes up his options in contacting the ship. Doc Angel mentions that she might be able to recruit the Martian Manhunter. Out of the blue Rex Leech runs into the room carrying Roxy. Rex claims she claims is dying. Doc Angel realizes that the Roxy really is dying -- her temperature is heating up without explanation.

On Kossak's ship, the alien slaver has outfitted Superboy and the others with collars that inhibit them from acting out. He is disappointed that the one he came after is not there though he means to salvage what he can from his new slaves. Luckily, the Gadget Guru makes a diversion and gets the collar off of Superboy who escapes, though he vows to the others he won't leave without them.

Later at Cadmus, Donovon ambushes a team of Cadmus soldiers who were transporting a blood sample -- one that is suspected to belong to Jack the Ripper!


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