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"The Power and the Prize": Superboy and crew, still on board the slave ship of Kossak the Slaver in orbit of Saturn, are just barely able to contact Doc Angel back at Project Cadmus and warn that Kossak is on his way. The Slaver tears th

Quote1 ...that means you're going down, Kossak, and I'm goin' up, up, and away! Quote2
-- Superboy

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Synopsis for "The Power and the Prize"

Superboy and crew, still on board the slave ship of Kossak the Slaver in orbit of Saturn, are just barely able to contact Doc Angel back at Project Cadmus and warn that Kossak is on his way. The Slaver tears through the Cadmus troops and both Guardian and Heat Wave are still down from their encounter with Ripjak. He's headed straight for Medlab 3, which is where Roxy Leech is being held. When he arrives, he claims that Roxy is an alien that escaped him. Doc Angel bars the way with a biofield but Kossak is able to painfully pass through it. He grabs hold of Angel and uses her as a hostage. Angel orders the soldier to shoot through her in order to take down the Slaver.

Luckily, before that order can be carried out, Superboy arrives and begins mixing it up with Kossak. Still powerless, however, Superboy is no match for Kossak, who breaks the kids shield with his bare hands. Just then, the container holding Roxy explodes and she struts out literally on fire. An alien has indeed bonded with Roxy, an alien that Kossak is very fond of and wants back. "Roxy" agrees to go with him after saying good-bye to Superboy. When she embraces him, there is a brilliant flash of light. When it clears, Roxy is back in her normal state, unconscious, and Kossak is mad as hell. He attacks Superboy with his war club, but the Kid shatters it with a touch. When a volley of missiles from Kossak's arm band barely make him grunt, Superboy knows that he's back to full power. Recharged, Superboy gains the upper hand and manages to trap Kossak. The Slaver has no desire to be put in chains again so he teleports away.

Roxy is put into stasis and Director Cannon, Serling, and the Gadget Guru saunter in. Doc Angel admits that she was very worried about Mickey. Gadget Guru decides that he's going to go exploring in space with Stellar Dallas. Superboy goes to see Guardian in the hospital ward and figures says that he knows now he really is a solar battery and that Roxy recharged him. He gives Guardian a modified arm band which now houses an expandable Guardian shield.

Later that night, Superboy shares a touching moment with Serling about what it means to him to be Superboy.


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