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Superboy Vol 4 88

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"Diapers, and Angels, and Babies, Oh My!": Superboy is in near shock after finding a baby in Guardian's coffin. He quickly recaps what's happened and realizes that the baby is a "snack sized" clone of Jim Harper, Guardian. At [[Project C

Quote1 We're looking for the whipped cream and plastic wrap aisle. We're going to a party tonight. Quote2
-- Epiphany

Appearing in "Diapers, and Angels, and Babies, Oh My!"

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Synopsis for "Diapers, and Angels, and Babies, Oh My!"

Superboy is in near shock after finding a baby in Guardian's coffin. He quickly recaps what's happened and realizes that the baby is a "snack sized" clone of Jim Harper, Guardian. At Project Cadmus, Amanda Waller, the U.S. Secretary of Metahuman Affairs is royally upset that Superboy has stolen the body of Guardian and wants it back. None of the people at the Project are very helpful, however, though.

Superboy takes the baby to the supermarket where he is first duped and then laid out by a trio of ladies called the D.N.Angels. They grab the baby, get to their car, and start to make tracks. Kon disables the car and tries to take the baby back. One of the Angels is a Speedster, linked to the Speed force, another has powers similar to Superboy's, and two of the three can sprout energy wings. They boast that they work for the government and that Superboy must let them take the baby. After mixing it up with the girls and distracting them twice (first with a dirty diaper and then with a plastic baby toy), Superboy escapes. He stays the night at his friend Bianca's, doing his best to care for the baby. The next day he learns that Cadmus is gone -- everything at the Project has simply vanished without a trace including all the people. Superboy goes to the grounds and learns that Waller had nothing to do with it and is just as mystified as anyone. He goes inside the empty Project and runs smack into Young Justice who are demanding some answers.



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