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Superboy Vol 6 9


Superboy Vol 6 9

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"The Culling, Part 2: Lost Claws!": Superboy, the Teen Titans, the Legion Lost, Beast Boy, Terra, [[Ale

Quote1 You're not as special as you were led to believe. Yeah, you're a living weapon. Big deal! So is every other Ravager! Quote2
-- Warblade

Appearing in "The Culling, Part 2: Lost Claws!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Hunter Bryce (Dies)




Synopsis for "The Culling, Part 2: Lost Claws!"

Superboy, the Teen Titans, the Legion Lost, Beast Boy, Terra, Thunder and Lightning - survivors of the culling - are facing the Ravagers. Superboy identifies Warblade as their leader, grabs him and flies with him in another part of the crucible to separate him from his team. Tyroc sends Dawnstar to search for him. Superboy dives into lava with Warblade and punches him.

Dawnstar finds the two of them and flies of with Warblade. As she drops him Warblade is almost successfull at killing Dawnstar but Superboy intervenes by grabbing Warblade an crashing with into a nearby rock.

At the same time Red Robin orders Kid Flash to search for Skitter and collect all the other children in the crucible. Chameleon Girl and Tellus help him doing so, although they fail to find Skitter. Then Timber Wolf attacks Kid Flash as he recognizes his smell from the future. Tellus stuns Timber Wolf and apologizes for his teammate as he flies of with him.

As Superboy beats Warblade to the ground, Hunter Bryce shows up and talks to him. He is eventually killed by Warblade, who now approaches to slit Superboy but is knocked out by Dawnstar.

All of the ravagers are defeated as Harvest appears.


Story continued from Teen Titans Vol. 4 #1 and continues in Legion Lost Vol. 2 #9.


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