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Karl Kesel/Writer, Steve Mattsson/Writer, Paul Pelletier/Penciler, Dan Davis/Inker, Stuart Chaifetz/Colourist, Kevin Cunningham/Letterer, Maureen McTigue/Editor, Mike McAvennie/Editor, Kon-El (New Earth)/Quotes, Kon-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Kindred Marx (New Earth)/Appearances, Ravers/Appearances, Lindsay Wah (New Earth)/Appearances, Byron Stark (New Earth)/Appearances, Hero Cruz (New Earth)/Appearances, Kaliber II (New Earth)/Appearances, Donna Carol Force (New Earth)/Appearances, Doctor Bedlam (New Earth)/Appearances, Female Furies (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernadeth (New Earth)/Appearances, Lashina (New Earth)/Appearances, Mad Harriet (New Earth)/Appearances, Speed Queen (New Earth)/Appearances, Stompa (New Earth)/Appearances, Glorious Godfrey (New Earth)/Appearances, Granny Goodness (New Earth)/Appearances, Kalibak (New Earth)/Appearances, Iluthin (New Earth)/Appearances, Mantis (New Earth)/Appearances, Parademons/Appearances, Steppenwolf (New Earth)/Appearances, Virman Vundabar (New Earth)/Appearances, Big Barda (New Earth)/Appearances, William Batson (New Earth)/Appearances, Rokk Krinn (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Corpse Corps/Appearances, Pyra (New Earth)/Appearances, Dominators/Appearances, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Rayner (New Earth)/Appearances, Solis (New Earth)/Appearances, J'onn J'onzz (New Earth)/Appearances, Metron (New Earth)/Appearances, Scott Free (New Earth)/Appearances, Orion (New Earth)/Appearances, Imra Ardeen (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Linda Danvers (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, John Henry Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Joshua Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Teen Titans (New Earth)/Appearances, Antonia Monetti (New Earth)/Appearances, Audrey Spears (New Earth)/Appearances, Cody Driscoll (New Earth)/Appearances, Hawaii/Appearances, Starlag/Appearances, Genesis, Comics, 1997, 1997, October, 1997, August (Publication), Superboy and the Ravers Vol 1, Modern-Age, Wikify, Synopsis Written, Genesis Crossover

Superboy and the Ravers Vol 1 14


Superboy and the Ravers Vol 1 14

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"Genesis: Suicide Squad": The Ravers battle the forces of Darkseid at the Source Wall.

Quote1 Um ... that's not really an army of evil gods descending on us ... is it? Quote2
-- Superboy

Appearing in "Genesis: Suicide Squad"

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Synopsis for "Genesis: Suicide Squad"

The Ravers battle the forces of Darkseid at the Source Wall.


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