Supergirl: Girl Power was a five-part inaugural story-arc chronicled in issues #1-5 of Supergirl (Volume 5). The story focused on the character of Supergirl and her efforts to find her place in the world. Prior to this event, Supergirl appear

Quote1 My story isn't over. It's now about the journey. The truth is what we discover every day. Not just about ourselves, but within everyone. There will be different people who tell it differently, but it won't matter. I know now. There is only one Supergirl. And that's me. Quote2
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Supergirl: Girl Power was a five-part inaugural story-arc chronicled in issues #1-5 of Supergirl (Volume 5). The story focused on the character of Supergirl and her efforts to find her place in the world. Prior to this event, Supergirl appeared in Superman/Batman: The Supergirl from Krypton and Superman/Batman #19.

All five parts were collected in trade paperback format. This story was followed up by the three-part "Supergirl: Candor" storyline.


Supergirl fights Solomon Grundy with the JSA. During this time she tells her origin to Stargirl. After the battle she confronts an out of control Power Girl and helps bring her back to normal. In the end, she meets up with Superboy. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor and the Calculator plot against Supergirl.

Supergirl visits the Kent Farm in the hopes of having a conversation with Superboy. Superboy, having recently gone through extreme turmoil, is very un-trusting of others, and perceives Supergirl's approach as a threat. The two begin fighting and Supergirl breaks Conner's jaw. They eventually make peace and Kara fixes Conner's jaw.

The two begin to speak amicably to one another, but suddenly, Conner's teammates in the Teen Titans appear. Without provocation, the Titans begin fighting against Superboy and Supergirl. The Titans still do not trust Conner due to his recent brainwashing at the hands of Lex Luthor.

Wonder Girl ensnares Supergirl with her Lasso of Lightning, but Supergirl is more than strong enough to withstand the electrical discharge. Her willpower forces the charge back upon Wonder Girl who falls to the ground stunned. Raven grabs Supergirl and envelops her in her soul-self. Raven cannot interpret the conflicting emotions she is perceiving and lets go of Supergirl. Beast Boy turns into an elephant and sits on Superboy, but Superboy picks him up and prepares to hurl him at Cyborg. Supergirl zips over and keeps the two from continuing the fight. Suddenly, Starfire of the Outsiders arrives and says that she has important information for Supergirl.

Elsewhere, Lex Luthor conspires with the Calculator on the means by which to take Supergirl down. Luthor is wearing an upgraded battlesuit equipped with multi-colored Kryptonite weaponry.

Supergirl has spent the past three days associating with the Outsiders. Wearing a pair of Kryptonite-infused handcuffs, she engages in an intense combat training situation with Grace and Thunder. Nightwing and Arsenal arrive and put an end to the training. Supergirl is smitten with Nightwing and barely hears him as he tells her that he has a lead on who's been tracking her.

Once she finally gets the information together, she flies off towards Monument Valley, Utah. The Outsiders want to follow her to keep an eye on her, but Supergirl sabotages the control grid of The Pequod with a blast of heat vision.

Supergirl arrives in Utah and finds Lex Luthor waiting for her. Lex is wearing his LexCorp battlesuit and begins pummeling Supergirl with his Kryptonite-enhanced armaments. When he gets her on the ground, he projects a ray of Black Kryptonite energy at her with surprising results. An evil version of Supergirl, wearing a black costume, emerges from Supergirl's prone body. Speaking Kryptonese, she tells Lex that "you just made the biggest mistake of what's left of your life!"

A dark, malicious version of Supergirl rises up from the stunned form of the real Supergirl. Lex Luthor expected this to happen, but is still surprised to see two different Supergirls before his eyes. Dark Supergirl has no love for anything but her own sense of power and Luthor and she begin fighting. Dark Supergirl grabs Lex and flies him off into outer space. She dumps him onto Earth's moon and sends him smashing through the JLA Watchtower. The doppelgänger lands to finish him off, but Green Lantern is present and holds the evil Supergirl off. She then uses her super-speed to snatch Green Lantern's ring off of his finger, then batters him into the wall. While she's distracted, Luthor opens a communiqué with the Calculator, who hacks into the JLA's teleport tubes, and enables Luthor the ability to escape.

Meanwhile, the real Supergirl comes to in the deserts of Monument Valley, Utah. Standing above her is Starfire, who is likewise recovering from injuries visited upon her by Lex Luthor. Starfire tells her about the evil doppelgänger and that Luthor and she took off into outer space.

At the Watchtower, the evil Supergirl fights up against several more members of the JLA, including Hawkman, the Flash, Black Canary and Martian Manhunter. She easily incapacitates each one of them. On the surface of the moon, outside the Watchtower, she snatches the Martian Manhunter by the throat, preparing to snap his neck. Before she can do so however, the real Supergirl arrives on the scene.

On the surface of the moon, the real Supergirl and her evil doppelgänger square off against one another. Evil Supergirl taunts her as they trade blows, questioning her counterpart's true identity. The JLA regroup and are ready to join the fight, but the evil Supergirl flies off into space. Supergirl chases after her, but the evil Supergirl baits her into an ambush. The JLA meanwhile, send a message to some friends back on Earth.

The two brawling Kryptonians continue attacking one another, and Supergirl lures her evil duplicate into following her to Gotham City. There, Batman stands ready. The evil Supergirl scoffs at Batman's presence and tries to kill him, but Batman manages to evade her attacks. Seconds later, Superman and Wonder Woman arrive to help Batman out.

The evil Supergirl power-dives into the real one and switches their costumes at super-speed. Now the JLA have no way of knowing which one is the real Supergirl and which one is the duplicate. Regretably, Superman is forced to turn his fists against both of them. He's not willing to take any chances. Batman manages to corral them together with his Kryptonite Ring and Wonder Woman binds them together using the Lasso of Truth. She commands the Supergirls to tell her who is the real Kara Zor-El. Since the mystical properties of the lasso can not adequately distinguish between the two, it merges them back together and Supergirl is once again whole.


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