After getting her full power back, Kara moves to National City and starts her new life working for the D.E.O., attending National City Technical High School, living with her new foster parents, and to sum it all up, attempting to adapt to Ea

Quote1 I've grown. Seen other worlds. There is more in the universe than the needs of one people--even our own. Father can't accept that. His desperation to save our people led to their destruction. He's changed. He'd sacrifice anything to undo his failure. No matter what he says, this is not for me. Quote2
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After getting her full power back, Kara moves to National City and starts her new life working for the D.E.O., attending National City Technical High School, living with her new foster parents, and to sum it all up, attempting to adapt to Earth after her cousin's death.

Still, she keeps having trouble to fit in. She struggles in school because Earth technology is strange and archaic to her, her new boss chews her out every time she steps out of line as making remarks about Kryptonians being arrogant and self-destructive, and her foster parents' well-meaning but clumsy attempts to make her feel comfortable and at home actually make her feel out of sorts.

Needing a break, Kara takes off for the Fortress of Solitude inherited from her cousin, wondering whether she'll ever fit in with Earth people. Though an unpleasant surprise is waiting for her in her Fortress: the Cyborg Superman. And he claims to be her father, Zor-El.

Kara doesn't believe him or his claims to want to help her and be able to bring Argo City back, so she fights him. It appears that she has won when the Cyborg shoots the energy of a Sunstone he previously picked into space, sending its database to Argo. Then he explodes, leaving Kara alone. it turns out that he was a drone.

Later on, Cat Grant is visiting National City Technical High School to talk about her new firm -CatCo Worldwide Media- and her Young Innovators program. She asks what is her firm's biggest obstacle, and Kara is about to answer when rival student Ben Rubel beats her to the punch. His answer earns him the internship. However Cat has heard about Kara from one of her teachers, sees something in the young girl and asks her go to CatCo the next day for an interview. After monologuing for a while regarding her plans, Cat hires Kara.

Later that night Cyborg Superman uses the Sunstone technology to flood Kara's mind with his memories, proving he is indeed Zor-El. His voice tells Kara how he tried to be better than his brother and protect his family and his people but he failed time after time. He submitted himself to Brainiac to save Argo City, but he became a puppet with no memory. He rebelled and nearly died, but he managed to recover and remember who he was. And he claims he has brought Argo City back for his daughter.

Despite of having many misgivings, Kara talks with her adoptive parents and explains if Cyborg Superman really brought her hometown back, she needs to see for herself. Neither Jeremiah nor Eliza likes the idea of Kara flying into space and meeting the Cyborg Superman, but Eliza insists on going with Kara and will not take "no" for an answer when her daughter tells it isn't very safe and she doesn't want to lose her parents again.

Eliza comandeers a ship of the D.E.O. and both women head off into space. They find Argo City near from Jupiter and land on there. Quickly Kara realizes the city has been equipped with propulsion engines that are guiding it towards Earth, and to her horror she discovers that Cyborg Superman has reanimated the corpses of the dead Argonians with cybernetic implants.

Kara attacks her father, infuriated, but Zor-El finishes their throwdown by encasing her in a metal prison made from techno-adaptive bonds, programmed to counter any escape attempt. Then he reveals the Argonians need life-force to become whole... and they will drain it from humans. Kara tries to talk him out of it, but his father is too gone off the deep end to listen to reason. Cyborg Superman flies off and heads to Earth followed by an army of cyborg Argonians, leaving Kara behind.

Kara tries several tricks to break her prison to no avail until she realizes the machine's adaptive cells speak to each other on a specific frequency. She isolates it and shouts a counter-frequency which incapacitates them, allowing her to break free. Kara and Eliza hug each other and head back to Earth.

Meanwhile, Cyborg Superman's army has arrived on Earth and is wreaking havoc on National City. Kara arrives and goes about driving the invasion off, fighting cyborgs and approaching Cat Grant to let her input a Kryptonian code on CatCo's server. Then she heads to confront her father again.

Kara arrives just in time to save her foster father from her birth one. She tells Zor-El they cannot bring Argo back at the cost of killing a whole city of people. In reply, Zor-El calls her a child. And she retorts he could have searched for another way to save their people, but he didn't want to. Kara adds she doesn't want to fight, but if he will not end this, she will do.

Kara has no option but engaging her father again. While they fight, Zor-El brings Argo to Earth. Kara punches him through the City's engine, causing the city plummet into the ocean. While father and daughter fight and argue, and Supergirl declares she isn't there to inspire humans but they are here to inspire each other, Cat Grant leverages her celebrity pull to mobilize all the servers and transmitters in the city to broadcast Supergirl's Kryptonian code. Once transmitting, the code shuts down all the Kryptonian technology. Cyborg Superman and all cybernetic Kryptonians get paralized, and Argo sinks into the sea.

As their City sinks, Kara tells her father she was able to devise that code because he captured her, and her way to escape that trap led her to this solution. Then she adds they could have worked together to save Argo, and she would have helped him... but he never wanted that.


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