Supergirl tells Wonder Woman that she is going to find a cure for cancer in order to save the life of a five-year-old boy. Wonder Woman goes through extreme lengths to illustrate how there are some human ailments for which there is no c

Quote1 Some days, people wake up and think they can change the world. Last week that was me. Me, when I decided to try and cure a boy named Thomas of inoperable cancer. But I failed... Quote2
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Supergirl tells Wonder Woman that she is going to find a cure for cancer in order to save the life of a five-year-old boy. Wonder Woman goes through extreme lengths to illustrate how there are some human ailments for which there is no cure. Undeterred however, Supergirl continues on her quest.

After sifting through some of the JLA's files, she decides to contact Mitchell Shelley -- the Resurrection Man. She finds him in Montana and inquires as to whether his ability to return from the dead could yield the cure that she seeks. Shelley admires her determination, but otherwise thinks that she is on fool's journey. Regardless, he gets roped into her scheme and together they seek out Professor Alphonse Luzano, the criminal scientist whose work with Tektites yielded a radical change in Shelley's physiology.

Supergirl breaks into the Garrett Federal Pentitentiary in Pendroy, Montana and frees Luzano. She promises the guards that she will bring him back when she is done with him.

News of the prison breakout quickly reaches the Daily Planet. Upon learning of Supergirl's involvement in the prison break, Clark readies himself for yet another encounter with his overeager cousin.

After breaking Doctor Luzano out of prison, Supergirl regroups with Mitchell Shelley. Shelley again tries to convince her that her course of action will not work, but Kara refuses to allow him to discourage her. She is determined to find a cure for cancer and save the life of a terminally ill boy named Thomas. She brings them to a laboratory and lines the roof with lead so that he cousin Superman cannot keep tabs on her.

Luzano works in the lab for several days, but not on a cure for cancer. He replicates the Tektites in Mitch Shelley's body and infuses them into his own. His body coursing with new found abilities, Doctor Luzano attacks Supergirl and Resurrection Man. Supergirl and Luzano trade blows and destroy most of the laboratory. Finally, Supergirl physically removes the Tektites in Luzano's system and his body shuts down.

Superman arrives soon after and tells Kara that he had been looking for her. He tells his cousin that her efforts are being wasted. Thomas is dead.

Mister and Mrs. Price are besides themselves with grief over the sudden death of their young son, Thomas. Superman does his best to resuscitate him, but all is lost.

Supergirl arrives with Resurrection Man, and wants to use the Resurrection Man's blood in the hopes of bringing Thomas back to life. Superman is very much against the idea. Even if he were brought back to life, he wouldn't be the same. Mister and Mrs. Price are likewise against the idea.

Supergirl grabs Mrs. Price and flies off to a high mountaintop. She tells her of her origin and explains how her parents did everything they could to save her life. Mrs. Price understands what Supergirl is trying to tell her, and agrees to use the Resurrection Man's blood on her son.

They return to the hospital and inject Thomas Price's corpse with the nanite infected blood. They wait several minutes, but nothing happens. Thomas is still dead.

Supergirl attends the funeral of young Thomas Price. She refuses to accept the fact that the boy has died. She tells her cousin that she is determined to find a way to make things right.

Supergirl's idea involves using time travel technology from an alien conqueror named Dolok. To facilitate this though, she needs to coordinate Dolok's actions throughout the timestream. This involves her patiently waiting for the opportunity to strike. During one of these ventures, Supergirl assists a Green Lantern against Dolok's armada. When she finally gets to him, she steals his time-travel unit.

Supergirl returns to her normal timeline only to learn that Thomas' parents have now passed away as well. She ponders going back even further in time in the hopes of finding a cure for Thomas' cancer. Ultimately though, she realizes that she cannot manipulate the past. Such abuse of power would make her no better than Dolok.

A while later, Supergirl gets into a fight with Clayface and hurls him into outer space. Empress arrives to help out and encases Clayface inside a hex bubble. As the battle ends, Empress asks for Supergirl's help. She tells her that her parents were killed and resurrected as children. Currently, they are being held hostage by a man named Eddie Rose. Supergirl agrees to help, and together they fly to Rose's mansion. Rose reveals that he is a survivor of Superman's battle against Doomsday, and now wishes to turn public opinion against all super-heroes, including Supergirl. He has forced Empress to bait Supergirl to his mansion and now has her use her magic to affect Supergirl's mind. Supergirl resists the affect and breaks free of Empress's control. Realizing that Empress didn't have a choice about attacking her, Supergirl forgives her and the two team-up to take down Rose.

Afterwards, Kara considers she's spent long enough trying to beat down things she can't defeat and it's time to regain focus.


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