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"Damned If You Do...": After returning to his apartment, Richard Malverne turns into Buzz before Linda's eyes. He reveals that he escaped the Chaos Lords by placing a small part of his

Quote1 Admit it luv - Y'missed me, didn't'cha? Quote2
-- Buzz

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Synopsis for "Damned If You Do..."

After returning to his apartment, Richard Malverne turns into Buzz before Linda's eyes. He reveals that he escaped the Chaos Lords[1] by placing a small part of his consciousness within Richard and thereby curing his cancer and was waiting for Linda to express her love for Richard to seek her help.

Meanwhile, back at the flat she shares with Linda, Mattie invites Cutter Sharp over and the two reconcile their relationship.

After magically assaulting a phone solicitor Buzz tells Linda that she needs to free his body from a comet guarded by a servant of the Chaos Lords, the Unholy, which will then free Richard. Buzz teleports Linda to the comet where she discovers a demon not-dissimilar to Mattie and subdues it by refreezing it within the comet.

On Earth, the Church of Supergirl host a meeting where a man with stomach cancer is brought before Dr Bob Smith who believes that he can channel the holy powers of Supergirl and extracts the cancerous matter from the man as a dubious Reverend Varvel watches.

Upon the crater Linda struggles in battle against the Unholy but succeeds in freeing Buzz' body by blinding the beast and tossing him out into space. The two "shunt" back to Earth and Buzz makes his exit after telling Linda that he was the only reason Richard's cancer had receded and that in his absence it would return.


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