"The Truth": Supergirl reflects upon her own origins and the history of Krypton leading up to its final days.

Quote1 You have failed yourself in every conceivable way, Kara... so perhaps, finally... you are ready to listen to your father. Quote2
-- Zor-El

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Supergirl reflects upon her own origins and the history of Krypton leading up to its final days.

Jor-El's discovery and implementation of the Phantom Zone as a means of imprisoning criminals caused a great rift between his brother Zor-El and himself. Zor-El felt that an eternity cast into a void was too cruel a fate even for criminals, and it was indicative of the moral decay that seemed to affect all of Kryptonian society.

Zor-El had a unique outlook on the matter, and he discovered to his horror that there was more to the Phantom Zone than either he or his brother had previously suspected. True to its name, the Phantom Zone was home to a race of wraith-like aliens who found the means to pierce the veil between dimensions and take root in human hosts. These phantoms, while possessing innocent Kryptonians, began to run riot in the streets of Argo City.

Zor-El addressed the Kryptonian Science Council with regards to this rising emergency, but the council members dismissed his ghost stories as readily as they dismissed the prophecies of doom levied by his brother Jor-El.

Zor-El's revolutionary research into Sunstone technology provided him with the tools he needed to exorcise these wraiths. Striking a possessed Kryptonian with a Sunstone dagger, forced the phantom to abandon the host's body. When Zor-El learned that his brother was sending his only child Kal-El to another world in the hopes of avoiding Krypton's pending destruction, Zor-El knew that the phantom wraiths would follow him. He sent his own daughter Kara (several years older than her infant cousin) on a course to follow Kal-El's rocket. She was instructed to murder him with the Sunstone weaponry to insure that the Phantom Zone wraiths could never take possession of any other Kryptonian.


  • This book was first published on April 11, 2007.
  • This issue is reprinted in the Supergirl: Identity trade paperback.
  • Despite the title of this story, the flashback sequences from this issue were later revealed to be false memories brought on by prolonged Kryptonite poisoning. [1]
  • Supergirl's adventure with the Outsiders (referenced in this issue) took place in Supergirl #11.
  • Issue includes a flashback to Supergirl's brief stint as a high school student from Supergirl #10.


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