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Supergirl Vol 5 22


Supergirl Vol 5 22

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"Reunion (Part II of II)": Equus continues his efforts to kill the Karate Kid and Una. Supergirl meanwhile, is buried beneath a freight train car and in a daze, suddenly regains memories of her time spent

Quote1 You better pray this stuff comes out of my hair... Quote2
-- Supergirl

Appearing in "Reunion (Part II of II)"

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Synopsis for "Reunion (Part II of II)"

Equus continues his efforts to kill the Karate Kid and Una. Supergirl meanwhile, is buried beneath a freight train car and in a daze, suddenly regains memories of her time spent with the Legion of Super-Heroes. She snaps out of it and emerges from beneath wreckage, hurling the freight train into outer space. She tackles Equus, but the monster disgorges a strange, green fluid from his chest, which completely covers Supergirl's head. Using her arctic breath, she blows the fluid off of her as if she were blowing bubble gum. With Supergirl otherwise distracted, Karate Kid makes his move and severs Equss' left arm with a strong karate chop.

Equus' keeper, Elias Orr, arrives on the scene with a squad of armored men. They take Equus into custody and Orr apologizes to Supergirl, Karate Kid and Una, citing that his presence here was an unsanctioned operation.

With the battle over, Supergirl tells Karate Kid and Una about her time with the Legion. However, as the Karate Kid and Val are of a different timeline/reality than the one Supergirl is familiar with, they have no idea what she is talking about.

Supergirl then flies to the Kent farm where she has a long conversation with her cousin, Superman. Superman tells her that he has confidence in her ability and recommends that she finds people her own age to hang out with. The Teen Titans arrive and ask her to join the team.



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