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Supergirl Vol 5 5

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"Girl Power, Part V of V: Supergirls": On the surface of the moon, the real Supergirl and her evil doppelgänger square off against one another. Evil Supergirl taunts her as they trade blows, questioning her counterpart's

Quote1 You can't just arrive in Gotham City... and not tell... Batman. Quote2
-- Supergirl

Appearing in "Girl Power, Part V of V: Supergirls"

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Synopsis for "Girl Power, Part V of V: Supergirls"

On the surface of the moon, the real Supergirl and her evil doppelgänger square off against one another. Evil Supergirl taunts her as they trade blows, questioning her counterpart's true identity. The JLA regroup and are ready to join the fight, but the evil Supergirl flies off into space. Supergirl chases after her, but the evil Supergirl baits her into an ambush. The JLA meanwhile, send a message to some friends back on Earth.

The two brawling Kryptonians continue attacking one another, and Supergirl lures her evil duplicate into following her to Gotham City. There, Batman stands ready. The evil Supergirl scoffs at Batman's presence and tries to kill him, but Batman manages to evade her attacks. Seconds later, Superman and Wonder Woman arrive to help Batman out.

The evil Supergirl power-dives into the real one and switches their costumes at super-speed. Now the JLA have no way of knowing which one is the real Supergirl and which one is the duplicate. Regretably, Superman and Wonder Woman are forced to turn his fists against both of them, not willing to take any chances. Batman manages to corral them together with his Kryptonite Ring and Wonder Woman binds them together using the Lasso of Truth. She commands the Supergirls to tell her who is the real Kara Zor-El. Since the mystical properties of the lasso can not adequately distinguish between the two, it merges them back together and Supergirl is once again whole.



  • One of the ships seen in Gotham Harbor is named Loeb III after writer Jeph Loeb.

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