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Supergirl Vol 5 57


Supergirl Vol 5 57

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"This Am The Way Bizarro World Ends": Following a page of story recap, Supergirl enter Bizarro-Girl's ship to study Bizarro World from a hologram of Superman. Meanwhile, the "godship" destroys the Bizarro JLA, et al.

Quote1 You have doubts. You're unsure about what to do when confronted with something that could potentially kill you. You just want to run away from it all, but then you feel guilty for not trying hard enough. We're not opposites are we? Not like Kal and Bizarro-- Quote2
-- Supergirl

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Synopsis for "This Am The Way Bizarro World Ends"

Following a page of story recap, Supergirl enter Bizarro-Girl's ship to study Bizarro World from a hologram of Superman. Meanwhile, the "godship" destroys the Bizarro JLA, et al.

Kara plans to absorb blue sunlight to alter her powers and assist Bizarro World. The blue sunlight helps Bizarro, Bizarro-Girl and Supergirl create an army of Bizarros. Together, they attack the aliens, but fail miserably, and Bizarro-Girl flees. Bizarro then confesses he doesn't have "solid vision", and doesn't think any of the "krypt-zarros" do, either. Bizarro-Girl runs off to the Bizarro Fortress, feeling bad for being scared; Kara arrives and explains to her about how they're not opposites like Kal and Bizarro, but reflections of each other, and are thus experiencing the same feeling.

Bizarro-Girl rejoins the fight, but the sunlight-harnessing device is broken, prompting Supergirl to take a blue lens up into the sky, shining the sunlight through it and onto her and Bizarro-Girl. Kara then uses her heat vision on Bizarro-Girl, who uses her solid-vision on the alien. Hours later, the alien is finally encased in lead. Kara eventually gets hold of the Green Lanterns, who collect the godship and reveal it to be a world-eater called "Ash'ka'phageous".

Bizarro-Girl then locks herself in a cave, burdened by guilt stemming from the man that she killed in Metropolis, now that she finally realizes what she'd really done. Bizarro-Girl asks if self-punishment ever ends, and Kara tells her it might not, but it's what you do afterward that counts. Applying the same logic to herself, she decides they both need to start healing.

Meanwhile, in Metropolis, Cat Grant goes to see Lana and tells her she knows about Lana and Supergirl.



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